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With water quality and intensive dairying again in the spotlight, food innovator Michael Mayell wants farmers to embrace a greener future by growing sustainable nutrient rich plants to provide New Zealand plant powders globally. 

Mayell, the man behind Cookie Time’s famous chocolate chip cookie, is the founder of Nutrient Rescue, a plant-based wholefood company dedicated to helping shift our agriculture industry to producing food in a way that does much less harm to the planet. 

Nutrient Rescue’s Green Shot combines dried wheat grass, barley grass and other greens. A teaspoonful is equivalent to three serves of veges. Its Red Shot combines dried blackcurrants and boysenberries to boost antioxidant and vitamin intake. All ingredients are 100% grown in New Zealand, are free of meat, dairy, gluten, added salt and alcohol, are organic where possible, and contain only naturally occurring sugars found in wholefoods. 

Nutrient Rescue’s plans for international growth will increase the global market for plant powders made from sustainable and organic where possiable, New Zealand crops. Michael sees the “pull” of this emerging market combining with the “push” to clean up our farming practices, offering farmers a viable alternative should they want to move away from intensive dairying. Plant crops go further than simply not polluting, they actively help clean up the environment, he says. 

Nutrient Rescue’s vision is made easier by the fact that organic and spray-free crops have been grown and processed in New Zealand, and particularly Canterbury, for several decades now. Those involved in the industry agree exports offer the greatest opportunity for it to expand. 

“That’s where Nutrient Rescue can help,” says Mayell. “Getting our 100% New Zealand products in front of overseas consumers will build that market. One day we want New Zealand to be the sustainable plant food

farmer to the world. That will make for a healthier planet, and a wealthier New Zealand.”

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