Ageing brings with it both added wisdom and fine lines. We've yet to find a secret anti-ageing pill, so if your focus is on ageing well, you'll need to put in the groundwork.

Some of us are blessed with age-defying genetics, but most need to take a more holistic approach to keeping our glow. Diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors all play a role in ageing gracefully.

Here's how to create a bright complexion that stands the test of time:

Understanding the skin ageing process

To create the best plan of attack, we first need to work out which parts of the ageing process we can influence.

For instance, hormones fluctuate as we age, which is largely out of our control. Oestrogen and testosterone steadily decrease throughout our lives, which slowly causes us to lose collagen. Ladies, you'll see a sharp decline during menopause. Do you ever dream about the skin plumpness of your youth? That's because you had plenty of collagen, the magic element that locks in moisture and elasticity.

On the flip side, lifestyle choices are in our control. There are the universally known skin no-nos, like smoking, drinking too much alcohol and sun-seeking. However, things like poor diet or dehydration also play a role in premature ageing. Good news, all hope is not lost! A few simple changes can help you achieve glowing skin as you age.

1. Choose anti-ageing foods

Healthy foods are needed for healthy skin. Things like vitamin C, nutrients, and antioxidants are essential tools to help your body produce collagen for your skin and manage toxins. If you don’t fuel yourself right to fight off nasties, you’ll likely see a few more fine lines than you’d like over time.

So, what might an anti-ageing diet look like? No single fruit or vegetable will turn back the clock, but wholefood goodness is key. Make sure the fridge is full of foods that are highest in vitamin C, like citrus and broccoli. These contribute to collagen formation which helps with the normal function of our skin.

You’ll also want to stock your kitchen with other healthy foods for skin, like antioxidant-rich dark chocolate and red berries. These help fight off pesky free radical damage that can cause wrinkles. Chocolate for health, yes please!

2. Build better daily habits for good skin

Your complexion is a reflection of all your daily habits. Stress is a major culprit for many wellness issues, and what’s happening inside our bodies is usually reflected on the outside.

We hear you; avoiding stress is impossible. But you can aim to build stress-less techniques into your weekly routine. Becoming a morning walker, choosing to meditate for 10 minutes a day, or journaling are great practices to add to your life. A small habit like exercise can help balance stress hormones and support our overall immune system—both things that ultimately benefit our skin as we age!

3. Go natural with your skincare

When building out your anti-ageing skincare routine, it’s easy to get tempted by flash packaging. Instead, hunt for additions that use natural ingredients. Products made from the earth often avoid using harsh chemicals common in traditional skincare.

If you’re lost in the sea of 12-step routines, don’t panic. It’s always best to keep things simple with products tailored to your age, lifestyle, and skin type. Powerhouses like vitamin C can even play a leading role in skincare; a great serum can both work on texture and protect the skin from free radicals. If you’re a sun lover who knows the power of vitamin D, make sure your routine features a high-strength natural sunscreen.

4. Drink more, glow more

Moisture is the key to that sought-after plumpness, and that needs lots of water. Being hydrated helps so many parts of our bodies run in top form and our skin is no exception.

Perhaps most importantly, it's a powerful tool for helping our bodies flush out toxins. Coupled with a great diet, it gives our skin the best chance to rejuvenate. H2O is your secret to a great skin day, every day!

Embrace the ageing process

With all this talk of slowing down the ageing process, it's important to note that it isn't something to be afraid of. In fact, it's a privilege. Each line gained reflects more life lived and lessons learned.

Whether you're in your 20s looking to get a head start on wellness or in your 50s looking to make the best of your skin, focus on the basics. Go natural inside and out, drink plenty of water, and cultivate a lifestyle that keeps your stress levels low. Your skin will thank you for it in the long run.

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