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Ready to supercharge your health? Our intro offer for first timers is the perfect way to get started. Get a 30 day supply plus a free essentials kit.

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Nourish your body and feel your best with our nutrient-packed superfood blend.

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Single serve Double Shot sachets to help you stay healthy on the move.

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Stock up on the good stuff with our discounted 90 day supply of Double Shot.

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$2 a day

A daily superfood blend to keep your family feeling their best. That's 90 serves all for only $2 a day!

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A daily blend of 100% New Zealand grown blackcurrants and boysenberries for an extra boost.

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A rejuvenating blend of locally grown leafy greens to help you flourish.

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Amp up your day-to-day life with our powerhouse energy combo.

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Gain the flexibility to take your superfood shots when and where life takes you.

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Feel the power of green goodness with our supercharged vitality bundle.

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The Premium Essentials Kit comes with everything you need to get started to successfully make up your shots.


The Essentials Kit comes with everything you need to get started to successfully make up your shots.


Made with a double sealing system, the Storage Tin has been tested to maintain the efficacy and quality of all our shots.


Specially designed & perfect for the job, the correct measurements are indicated, ensuring you mix up you shot correctly.


These scoops accurately measure the quantity of powder recommended for your daily shot. Scoops are designed specifically for double and single shots.


Our 55ml Shot glasses hold the correct amount of made-up Shot mixture. One shot glass is all it takes to boost your nutrient levels.


Our superfood powders are hygroscopic and can sometimes have a little bit of clumping, which is why we like to recommend using the shaker ball.