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Why take our shots?

Get the equivalent of 4 handfuls of fruit and vegetables in every daily shot.

Our bodies and minds need nutrients found in fruit and vegetables to stay healthy and live a long life. Unfortunately, many Kiwis still don’t get the recommended ‘five a day’ servings we need.

We work with NZ growers to produce the best superfoods available, harvest them at their peak, dry them and then powder them into shots. We do the work so that you can scoop, shake and shot your way to feeling your best!

83% of our first-time shotsters feel better about their health and wellbeing after just 1 month. We are so confident you'll feel better after 30 days of daily shotting, that we guarantee a full-refund if you don't.

Start your 30 day trial
  • Jam-packed with wholesome superfoods. Nutrient-rich leafy greens and antioxidant red berries.
  • 127% RDI of vitamin C in one Double Shot.
  • Vegan friendly and free from gluten, additives, preservatives and sweeteners.
  • Just add water and drink or add to a smoothie.

Get Started Pack

An introductory offer for first time Shotsters.

Everything you need to get started on the Shots:

✓ 30 days supply of Double Shot.

✓ A FREE Standard Essentials Kit worth $22.50 – including shaker, shot glass, shaker ball, scoop, and fridge magnet.

✓ Our Wellness Guarantee - we promise a full refund if you don't feel better after 30 days of taking the shots daily.

Our Happy Customers

Christine Hutchison
★★★★★ 27 Feb 2024
I take Double Shot every day. My skin has improved beyond belief, I sleep better. Chronic Fatigue has gone. I will never miss a day taking this wonderful supplement. It outweighs any other vitamins I have ever tried. Thank You for this wonderful product Nutrient Rescue 🥰 …
Richard Watt
★★★★★ 27 Feb 2024
I'm the biggest skeptic there is when it comes to these types of things, but I tried it and oh boy it works!! My energy levels have gone up, no bloating of the tummy, and the help it gives me with arthritis in my hands and knees is immeasurable, it really makes a difference - give it a go - I am su... more
Anita Joblin
★★★★★ 27 Feb 2024
I have really noticed a difference in my energy levels. I am less tired more active with my granddaughter and sleeping better. I have noticed a difference in my concentration and my eyesight seems to have improved too. As I tend to have little appetite and don't feel like eating some days I know I a... more
Michelle Boyle
★★★★★ 25 Feb 2024
I've definitely noticed improvement of my skin which is healing up wonderfully! I also now purchase double the double shots for my elderly father, to make sure he is getting all the goodies he normally wouldn't get living alone, and he is really enjoying them each morning mixed with organic apple ju... more
Judy Pratt
★★★★★ 25 Feb 2024
Enjoying the Nutrient Rescue shake each morning and I feel like it's helping with inflammation and arthritis pain.
Grace Ryan
★★★★★ 25 Feb 2024
And yet another happier healthier customer here... I'm a vegetarian, but I still don't get enough fruit and vegetables. After seeing the benefits for my lovely brother, I've been taking the double shot for three weeks so far. I've found the nutrient rescue double shot to be amazing for my skin (l... more
Yvonne van Leeuwen
★★★★★ 24 Feb 2024
We are so happy to have found Nutrient Rescue Double Shot and have been taking it for around 6 months now. I'm going to be heading into the bush for a week very soon and will take this (and the shaker) in and do 2 x 2 shots per day,.This will be far easier than carrying veges on the tramp (or using... more
Noel Pinn
★★★★★ 23 Feb 2024
Fabulous product! Highly recommend
Teena Harris
★★★★★ 23 Feb 2024
Since taking the Nutrient Rescue my husband energy has improved alot. Our son who has diabetes his levels have been improving alot also.For me my energy levels also but the big difference was l had a touch of the flu it was gone in 24 hours. Thankyou Nutrient Rescue for starting up this product in ... more
Jane Brown
★★★★★ 22 Feb 2024
I started taking Nutrient Rescue religiously only two weeks ago, what do I mean by religiously? I bought it as part of my New Years Resolution to start looking after my health but didn't get into the daily routine. Now I have! I am not looking back and have just bought the 10g sachets as I travel fo... more
Stacey Rogers
★★★★★ 21 Feb 2024
Hi I have been on the Green shot journey just over a month or so now. Best ever addition to my daily routine. I love the taste the benefit has given my skin a real renewed feeling🥰 I believe for me it's what my body has needed for a long time. Definitely so worth it. I genuinely recommend 💯. Th... more
Pauline Dann
★★★★★ 21 Feb 2024
Great product...I've been using for 6 months now and it's become a morning routine. Easy parking & helpful staff for Chch pickup also.
Jane Pryor
★★★★★ 21 Feb 2024
My husband and I returned from a holiday with a fractured wrist and still recovering from our first bout of COVID. Taking Nutrient Rescue has made our recovery that much easier. We are definitely going to continue taking this to support our health.
Rachael Summerville
★★★★★ 20 Feb 2024
I definitely feel the benefits of this 😊 …
Stacia Rodricks
★★★★★ 20 Feb 2024
Absolutely love it! So much energy, skin feels way better no more acne the list goes on.
Pip Gillings
★★★★★ 20 Feb 2024
I've been taking the double shots for around 10 weeks now. I was skeptical for sure but they are a part of my daily routine now. A great way to get so many nutrients in and so easy to mix and take with the shaker provided. Highly recommend!
Tina Verschoor
★★★★★ 20 Feb 2024
I take my nutrient rescue shot every morning and now after several years as being prediabetic I am suddenly no longer in that danger zone. My iron count is the best it's ever been also where once I was iron deficient and I have enough energy to keep up with my toddling mokopuna. Tēnā koe nutrient re... more
Lee Skilton
★★★★★ 19 Feb 2024
This product is absolutely fantastic. I have been troubled with fatigue for years. After a few weeks using Nutrience Rescue I feel twenty years younger. Thank you so much ♥️
★★★★★ 17 Feb 2024
Fantastic product and customer service, back for my second order and loving it!!
Delores Peters
★★★★★ 16 Feb 2024
This is my second order plus I got extra energy red shots can't wait to try. I'm pleased with my well being feel so great .Thank you nutrient rescue.
Angela Newton
★★★★★ 16 Feb 2024
I’ve only been using this product for 3 weeks and I am definitely noticing how well it works. I’ve been very tired from having chemo treatment and they said that it will hang around. I started back work full time 3 weeks ago and thought I’d be super tired and struggle but thanks to Nutrient Rescue I... more
Suz Peeperkoorn
★★★★★ 16 Feb 2024
Friendly helpful staff. Thank you
Sylvia Van Duijnen
★★★★★ 14 Feb 2024
I'm almost 3 weeks in taking nutrient Rescue and after about a week I noticed my brain was a lot clearer and I could easier remember things, just an amazing feeling! Also got a lot more energy during the day, I'm just over the moon and already ordered a new bag so I don't run out!
louise obrien
★★★★★ 13 Feb 2024
Love it my morning energy kick before my walk then another at lunch time no afternoon blues
Louise Orton
★★★★★ 13 Feb 2024
Love this stuff! Thank you Nutrient Rescue
Lauren Brunt
★★★★★ 13 Feb 2024
I am loving taking the shots each morning to start the day. My 17 year old is hooked. This is the first health supplement, for want of a better word, that she has taken consistently. One month in and feeling more energised. Keep up the good work Nutrient Rescue!
Sharyn Barker-Fonohema
★★★★★ 12 Feb 2024
I have used double shots before, I noticed a huge improvement to my energy, pain levels and general health, for some time now I had become complacent and stopped using this product, lately I've noticed feeling my fibromyalgia pain has become worse, my energy levels non existent at times, always seem... more
Nell Smith-Hughes
★★★★★ 11 Feb 2024
Great product. I pay the casual rate and use double shot three times a week - lasts alot longer and costs less.😇
Debbie Booth
★★★★★ 11 Feb 2024
Nutrient Rescue has become a regular part of my day. Having run out of energy completely through low iron stores, i was desperately looking for a healthy way to rebuild my body. I found it in Nutrient Rescue. Not only does it come via courier but it has often got a recipe idea or a thank you card tu... more
Erica Yates
★☆☆☆☆ 10 Feb 2024
Product has done nothing so far except given me an unacceptable amount of flatulence. Stopped taking it and have had no response from support team in regards to my questions thus far.
Hinetapuarau Ioane
★★★★★ 09 Feb 2024
Getting there, taste buds coping well . . . feeling some change but not sure what it is . . . pleasing to know that it is an Aotearoa product . . . yes, I would recommend it to my whānau.
Peter Smith
★★★★★ 07 Feb 2024
Best thing I've ever had only been on double shot for three days and can feel the energy coming back my tiredness is going and starting to feel a bit like I did years ago. I have a heart condition and with all the medication was feeling tired and no energy since starting Nutrient Rescue things are c... more
Cliff Cochrane
★★★★★ 06 Feb 2024
Started nutrient rescue March last year,,forgot renew over Xmas noticed tiredness came back &lacking energy,,back on it again
Bob Bob
★★★★★ 06 Feb 2024
Loving it so far. Feeling so much more healthier and my skin is clearing up.
Belinda Wehrle
★★★★★ 06 Feb 2024
I have gone back and forth with this product - “is it making a difference? Yes, I think so. Nah, I just think it is” and stop my subscription. I did this twice when I first started. The verdict is it DOES make a difference- I have more energy, am more focused, and am never sick. When my 19 year old ... more
Suzanne Gutberlet
★★★★★ 05 Feb 2024
I feel so much better after taking Nutrient Rescue and have recommended it to my sister
★★★★★ 02 Feb 2024
Thank you team. I am seeing benefits from these daily shots as disclosed privately. Customer is service is 10 🌟. Super cool when feedback is welcomed, emails, and genuine effort to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. Speedy delivery always also. Very highly recommend.
Sylvia Morine
★★★★★ 02 Feb 2024
I started Nutrient Rescue as I picked up Covid 19 and could not shake the illness & ended up with long COVID & sick for months with severe fatigue and a friend said take Nutrient Rescue and I haven’t looked back I feel like I used to feel great again! I highly recommend it
Drebers Mcfaren
★★★★★ 02 Feb 2024
Absolutely love double shot- I get sick less often and have more energy during the day- really glad to be taking more vitamins for my health - definitely feel better taking double shot every day for the past year
Diane McQueen
★★★★★ 01 Feb 2024
Helpful, friendly staff and good product
Jacqui Moreton
★★★★★ 01 Feb 2024
I saw my Nurse Practioner and She suggested I tried Nutrient Rescue I am so grateful She did I feel it’s been a game changer can do an all day without a nap and mood seems improved too a month in 😊
Meihana Macdonald
★★★★★ 01 Feb 2024
Two weeks down and feeling great, not feeling tired through the day at all. 87yr old mother is not having nana naps anymore either. seems to be more alert. Just made another purchase, 3pack double shot this time. -ordered Tuesday night, recieved today 1 feb Thursday morning.

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