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Why use our products?

Our bodies and minds need nutrients found in fruit and vegetables to stay healthy and support our immune system. Yet many people don’t get the recommended ‘five a day’ servings.

Studies show that nutrition is key to living a long and healthy life. Nutrient Rescue searched out the best superfoods available, harvested them at their peak, dried them as a wholefood, then powdered them into Shots to make it easy and convenient to up your daily nutrition.

Nutrient Rescue is on a mission to help people increase their intake of nutrient dense superfoods. We are passionate about people and planet.

83% of our first-time Shotsters report feeling better about their health and wellbeing after 1 month. We are so confident you'll feel better after 30 days of daily Shotting, that we guarantee a full-refund if you don't.

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  • Packed full of the most superior wholefood superfoods. Leafy greens and polyphenol rich red berries.
  • Our shots are a natural energy booster.
  • Designed for more energy, clearer skin, enhanced athletic performance, increased focus and better immunity.
  • Vegan friendly and free from gluten, additives, preservatives and sweeteners.
  • Just add water and drink or add to a smoothie.

Get Started Pack

An introductory offer for first time Shotsters.

Everything you need to get started on the Shots:

✓ 30 days supply of Double Shot.

✓ A FREE Standard Essentials Kit worth $22.50 – including shaker, shot glass, shaker ball, scoop, and fridge magnet.

✓ Our Wellness Guarantee - we promise a full refund if you don't feel better after 30 days of taking the shots daily.

Dial up your nutrition the smart way with our blend of nutrient-dense superfoods

100% Natural

Vegan Friendly

Gluten Free

Preservative & Additive Free

No Refined Sugar

Traceable Nutrients

“My sweet tooth has disappeared, skin feels better, alert, no fatigue, losing belly fat, eye sight feels better, nails look healthier, super friendly staff at call centre, so grateful for a kiwi product & so happy to be supporting a kiwi business. Amene!”

Nathan A