For Flourishing People & Planet

Healthy eating is best achieved with a plant-based diet, one which encourages whole, plant-based foods and discourages animal products as well as refined and processed junk. This leads to a longer life with reduced risk of disease, a healthier weight and a healthier planet.

We envision a world where every adult and every child can get the vital plant nutrients they need to be healthy and where food is produced in a way that does no harm to the planet.

How do we do this?

By producing a range of nutrient rich, clean & sustainably grown whole plant foods that are accessible and easy to use.

They make it a breeze to get the 5-10 daily serves of fruit & vegetables that good health demands while lessening our reliance on processed junk food and animal agriculture.

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NZ Food Awards Finalist.

All our products are 100% free from dairy, gluten, added sugar and salt, alcohol and all other animal products. They contain no additives of any kind. They are good for you and good for our planet too.