It’s common knowledge that maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes getting a good night’s rest and eating a balanced diet. However, it’s easy to only pay proper attention to your health once you’re sick, instead of continuously caring for your body to improve the strength and resilience of your natural immune system.  

There are some solutions to supporting your immune system that are more practical and easier than you might think.

So, here are 9 way to boost your body's natural defence, that are all science and no hype. 

Be mindful of your sleep pattern

Harvard University suggests that poor sleep can lead to a sluggish and irritable immune system, which can trigger inflammation throughout the body. It is recommended that adults aim for 7-9 hours of sleep, while younger adults, women and children may require even more. It's important to observe your body's natural wake-up time and determine the amount of sleep needed to feel refreshed and attentive, and then strive to maintain this sleep schedule. Check out our blog on how to get good sleep here.

Stay hydrated

While we often hear the advice to "drink eight glasses of water a day," each person's hydration needs can vary. It’s important to pay attention to your body and avoid allowing yourself to become thirsty. Adequate hydration plays a vital role in enabling the body's detoxification pathways to function effectively.

Increase plant-based foods

It's now widely recommended that approximately half of your plate should be devoted to colourful fruits and vegetables. Brimming with antioxidants and micronutrients, fruit and vegetables are the powerhouses of building and maintaining a strong immune system. When planning mealtimes, begin by selecting the fruits and vegetables you prefer, and then complement them with protein and carbohydrate options. Incorporating plenty of plant-based foods into your diet can aid in reducing inflammation, allowing your immune system to identify and eliminate potential pathogens before they pose a threat.

Get grounded

Grounding, also known as Earthing, involves walking barefoot on natural surfaces such as sand, dirt, or grass, which allows for an electrical connection between your body and the earth. This practice harnesses the potential positive impact of electrical charges from the earth on your overall wellbeing. To find out more on this widely discussed phenomenon, visit here.

Pay attention to your stress levels

Stress weakens your immune system dramatically. Try to pay attention during times of stress, and look for healthy coping mechanisms to support you, whether that is reaching out to loved ones, engaging in hobbies, exercising, resting, reading, or practicing mindfulness.

Nurture your gut microbiota

Probiotics, the superheroes of gut health, play a crucial role in sustaining and balancing the bacteria that resides in your gut. These tiny warriors are instrumental in supporting your immune system. Probiotic foods include yoghurt, sourdough bread, and tangy kimchi. Incorporating these natural foods into your diet can help maintain a harmonious gut biome and boost your overall immunity. 

Move your body!

Did you know a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine states that dancing benefits overall health by strengthening the immune system? We think that’s a wonderful way to get your exercise in – by dancing in the lounge to your favourite tunes! Additionally, Tai Chi is also known to improve immune-related health concerns. 

Take care of your skin

A healthy diet and proper hydration are essential for maintaining healthy skin. Our innate immune mechanisms, including the skin, work to protect us from germs and other nasties. By eating well and staying hydrated, we support the health of our skin.

Regular check ups

It’s a good idea to have an annual check-up with your GP. General health checks are associated with increased chronic disease recognition and treatment, risk factor control and improved outcomes. 

There are two things we believe here at Nutrient Rescue; prevention is better than cure, and a healthy balanced diet is the foundation to good health.  

If you’re struggling to get your recommended servings of fruit and vegetables a day, then give our Double Shot a try. Each shot gives you the equivalent of four handfuls of berries and leafy greens a day in a simple and convenient way. 

And remember to keep dancing! 


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