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Get crafty this year with your gift giving

Make your gift giving a little more thoughtful this year, by getting crafty at home and gifting something personal and homemade this Christmas. Everyone cherishes those gifts that are made from love.

We thought we’d share 6 of our favourite crafty gift giving ideas that you can easily make at home. Trust us, these are all Nutrient Rescue tested and are sure to be winners with your family and friends.

Tic Tac Toe

Christmas Tic Tac Toe is the perfect stocking stuffer kids will enjoy for years. This gift is super easy to make and allows you to add in whatever Christmas-y items are your children’s favourites!  You can check out some more inspiration and ideas on Pinterest by clicking here.

Homemade jams, curds and chutneys

These are a thoughtful gift that will always taste better than the store-bought jars and is easier than you think it might be. One of our favourite recipes is this delicious Cranberry-Tomato Chutney. To give it an extra nutrient boost you can also add a scoop of Red Shot to help keep your family and friends fighting fit through the coming year.

Pamper, pamper, pamper

Create a DIY pamper pack for someone who needs to take a little time off from the Christmas busyness this festive season. This one is one of our all-time favourites as it is super easy to pack with all of your loved one’s favourites! Simply grab a basket and pack it with whatever your friends or family are into. It could be their favourite face mask, chocolate, bubble bath or whatever tickles their fancy!

Get creative with cookie jars

Create a cookie in a jar. Like a cake in a box all they will need to do is add butter, eggs and vanilla essence and voila, your friends and family will be able to enjoy your much-loved cookies at home! Not only do these jars look cute finished off with a big red ribbon, they are perfect if you’re an avid baker and want to share the love without giving away all of your secret recipes! Our favourite recipe for this are these delicious Double Shot Oat and Cranberry cookies as all of the dried fruit looks fabulous when stacked! Simply add each measurement of the dry ingredients to a jar in layers. Once all ingredients have been added and your jar is full, finish it off with a ribbon and you’re ready to get gifting!

A tea lovers Christmas

For the tea lover in your life shake it up a little and create a Christmas tee tree! This is super easy to do and is a great way to spice up a traditional gift. Just purchase individually wrapped tea bags, a piece of cardboard that can be shaped into a cone and a mug. Place the cardboard cone in the mug and then tape the wrapped tea bags onto the cone so they fall over each other to fall in a Christmas tree formation. For some more visual inspiration checkout this step by step tutorial created by Lucy from Craftberry Bush.

Frankin-sense and myrrh

They say a picture paints 1,000 words, but we like to think a scent can truly transport you anywhere! Christmas is the perfect time to gift your loved ones with a scent that transports them back to their favourite memory. Candles are a great way to do this, and are easier to make than many of us think. It's simply done by melting down candle wax and pouring in their favourite combination of essential oils. For a more detailed explanation check out these simple and easy to follow instructions from ProFlowers.

Remember, your homemade gifts don’t have to be perfect to be well loved. Sometimes it is the meaning behind a gift that matters more than the gift itself, and people will notice your time and effort over any flaws. Any gift can come from a store, but it is a homemade gift that truly comes from the heart.

Craft gift giving

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