Here at Nutrient Rescue, we thoroughly enjoy reading and hearing about your favourite tips and tricks to help boost immunity, sneak in more fruits and veges, and everything else you share with us! We find we are always learning new things from your questions and insights. 

We thought we’d share some of our all-time favourite tips and tricks from our Shotsters.


Tips & tricks from our Shotsters to boost immunity and sneak in veg
7 Dec
6 ways to sneak in more greens
19 Nov

We’re in love with green vegetables. No really, we really love them.

Dark green leafy vegetables are among the best foods on the planet. They’re nutrient-dense which means they’re crammed full of vitamins and minerals, and other good things like fibre, chlorophyll, folate and antioxidants to name but a few.

We know not everyone feels this way about veges and some of us struggle to eat them with any frequency, so we thought we’d share our favourite ways of sneaking extra veges in to our diets.


Get radiant, glowing skin this Summer
20 Oct

With Summer rolling in we start to think about days lounging at the beach, weekend BBQ’s with friends and family, and wearing shorts at long last! It’s also the time we start to focus on getting ourselves in tip top shape both inside and out so that we can enjoy the Summer and festive season.

Glowing, healthy skin and hair is something many of us aspire to over summer. Eating well and getting plenty fruits and veges is key to achieving this. If you’re healthy on the inside it makes sense that it radiates through to the outside.

Here are some suggestions which may help you to achieve photography worthy skin and hair.


Be a well-being year round
24 Sep

We often hear the saying “Eat well, look good, feel great!”, a saying we are firm believers in. Feeling your best starts with being healthy. We all focus on supporting our immunity through the Winter months to avoid coughs and colds, but Spring, Summer and Autumn should be no different.

There are some simple ‘healthy life rules’ you can follow to help you feel great all year round; boost your energy, support your immunity and glow on the outside.


How to detox simply
16 Sep

In today’s busy world our bodies are exposed to more and more toxins each day. These toxins can be ingested into our bodies through the food we eat, what we drink and the environment we live in.

As we move into Spring we often focus on getting our bodies into shape, and one of the methods to help kickstart this is a detox. The liver is the detoxing powerhouse of your body, designed to assist with cleansing your body of toxins and producing bile to support healthy digestion.

However, with modern life the liver’s ability to  ssist in detoxing your body can become overloaded, causing your body to store toxins as body fat to be dealt with at a later date. Detoxing is one way to assist your body in ridding itself of these toxins so that your liver can function optimally. It all helps to make you glow from the inside out!

What does detoxing actually mean, and how can you go about it without going on a crazy diet. Find out in this week's blog.


Our favourite things
14 Sep

We all have little rituals and "go-to's” that are special to us. These activities may keep us grounded, lift our mood, maintain physical health or simply be a little bit of a treat once in a while.

Here at Nutrient Rescue we thought we’d ask our staff what their favourite health or wellness related rituals or favourite things were, and share it with you.


Plant power
2 Sep

Eating a more plant-based diet is becoming more and more popular for many reasons. Maybe you or someone you know has already made the switch to eating more plant-based foods. But what are the benefits of eating plant-based foods? What does plant based actually mean and how can you maintain a plant-based diet?

This month, we would like to help answer some of your plant-based questions for the newbies among us, alongside reaffirming what for our plant-based followers what they may already know.



Life Hack #7: Nourish your soul
20 Aug

There are times when we all feel a bit lost, restless, and discontent, or feel as though nothing is in our control. Nourishing your soul means to feed it mindful, positive thinking and intentional self-care. Taking time each day to nourish your soul will help you maintain the health and balance of your life.

Here are 10 ways to help you nourish your soul.


Life Hack #6: Save time and make the most of every day
12 Aug

Phew, modern life. As our lives become more and more hectic, it can seem nearly impossible to check off everything on our to-do list, let alone find time to reconnect with ourselves or those we love, both of which have proven helpful when it comes to your happiness and health.

Luckily each new days brings with it a fresh start, and it’s up to you to give today your best shot.

Here are 22 simple time saving hacks that we use at Nutrient Rescue that will help you get the most out of every day.


Life Hack #5: How to appreciate the little things in life
5 Aug

So, what does it really mean when we talk about gratitude? And how does it benefit us in life?

Research shows us that over 1,000 people aged from 8 to 80 found that those who practice gratitude consistently are more present, happier, and more optimistic.

The best thing that comes with gratitude is joy. Pursuing these good vibes might even improve your health!

Practicing gratitude is easier said than done.

Here are some tips for learning to appreciate what do you have and being able to enjoy the little things.


Life Hack #4: Healthy vege-full lunchbox ideas that will appeal
28 Jul

Making school lunchboxes every day that are appealing to your kids can be tricky. Kids get really bored if they eat the same thing over and over. Variety not only keeps them interested, but it also gives them nutrients from a variety of sources.

We share our ideas on how to not only sneak some extra veges into your kids' lunchboxes, but how to make them appealing so that your kids will finish their lunch every day.


Life hack #3: 10 pantry staples to strengthen your immune system
15 Jul

If you’re like most of us, you’ve been paying special attention to your immunity and wondering what you can do to boost yours.

While there’s no single food that is magically going to help you avoid getting coughs and colds, there are ways to give your immunity a real supercharge: get more sleep, stay hydrated, exercise, wash your hands. And fill your pantry with immunity-fighting foods.

A lot of us won’t realise that we already stock some foods at home that are known to help boost our immunity.

Here are our top 10 immunity boosting pantry staples.


Life Hack #2: Making Habits Stick
9 Jul

“New year, new you!”

“Today is the start of the rest of your life!”

Oh, how easy it sounds. We’ve all had those moments of clarity where we vow to ourselves that we’re going to make that change that will finally impact our quality of life. Join the gym. Quit booze. Start running. Cut the sugary snacks. Meditate.

We all need to find tools to embed habits to create behaviour change. Read our blog to find out how to go about doing this.


Life Hack #1: Five easy and unusual ways to boost energy in winter
30 Jun

As the mercury drops and the days get shorter, we find ourselves trapped indoors. This can lead to us feeling demotivated, tired and sapped of energy. It becomes harder not to hit the snooze button and by afternoon many of us are already dreaming of bed.

Vitamin D keeps your immune system humming and helps to regulate insulin levels. It boosts energy and promotes a good mood. The sun is the best source of Vitamin D. When our skin is exposed to sunlight it makes vitamin D from cholesterol in the skin cells.

Read our blog for five of the more unusual (and easy!) tips to get you back in action mode.


Dishing the Dirt on Organic
7 Jun

The reason for going organic is simple: natural food is better for us and better for the planet.

But what exactly makes food organic? To be classified as organic, farmers must adhere to strict standards regulated by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). Organic crops are grown without synthetic pesticides, artificial fertilisers, antibiotics, growth promotants, genetic modification and irradiation.


2020 Survey
24 May

While we like to shout about the benefit of our product from the rooftop, no one says it better than our customers.

In 2020 we ran a survey of almost 1,000 of our customers and asked them to tell us about their experience with taking their Shots. We were interested to know what benefits our customers felt, and whether those benefits increased over time with continual use.

We found the results really interesting, so we thought we’d share the results with you.


Vitamin C. Why you need it?
4 Nov

Vitamin C is hailed the Queen of immunity boosting vitamins helping us stay strong when surrounded by cold and flu's. But that's not all it's good for...



22 Oct

In this modern, busy world our immune systems take a hammering. Stress, a processed food diet, lack of sleep - these are all factors that contribute.

We get run down, get the sniffles, a sore throat, or just feel chronically tired with annoying brain fog to boot.

Prevention is better than cure, so what can we do to stave off the lurgies?


Looking to get in shape? We can help!
16 Oct

An extract from blackcurrants has been shown to raise the fat-burning ability of the female body by an average of 27 percent - the equivalent increase of three-to-four weeks' worth of regular exercise.


Five foods for Brain Power!
13 Oct

The brain is an energy-intensive organ using about 20% of your body’s energy requirements!

It needs good fuel to keep it going throughout the day.

Eating certain foods that nourish and protect your brain can help slow cognitive decline and improve your brain’s health.


The scoop on sugar
6 Oct

Sugar is a dangerous substance that upsets the body's biochemistry and contributes to a whole raft of diseases. And yet the average person eating a Western diet consumes 33 teaspoons a day!

Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Vanessa Ingraham believes that eliminating white sugar from the diet is one of the most important ways to improve overall health.

Today we're looking at sugar and how our nutrient-dense Shots are the good guys when it comes to the sweet stuff.


Four nutrients for radiant skin!
28 Sep

Good nutrition is essential to maintaining healthy skin.

Although it's impossible to prevent the natural aging process good nutrition can help maintain firm skin and a clear and bright complexion.

Our skin is made up of multiple layers - it's the largest organ in our bodies! Often we focus on the topical layers of skin health, nourishing with oils, serums, and creams but just as important is how we feed our skin from the inside out.

Here are four super nutrients that help your skin to glow


Improve Your Mood With Good Food
21 Sep

Looking for a natural mood booster? It could be as simple as topping up your breakfast with some berries or taking your Daily shot!

When it comes to eating to nourish and fuel your body it could compare to building a campfire...



Super Fruit for Brain Health
14 Sep

We're honing in on the power of our key ingredient (blackcurrants) on brain health.

A recent study by the University of Auckland found that NZ blackcurrants are packed full of a key brain nutrient that helps fight age-related brain conditions and helps maintain whole-body health and wellness.


Good health begins with nutrition
9 Sep

It's true! Research shows that when comparing contributing factors to premature death, poor diet is second only to tobacco use.

We recently conducted a survey of over 1000 people who take NR Shots daily and a third of respondents told us they use the Shots to help with a variety of ailments, with great success.


Fresh is best, or is it? You'll be surprised.
23 Jul

Growing up in the 70s and early 80s was easy. Folks knew their neighbors; they ate meat and three veg - except on Friday when it had to be fish. Veges grew in the back yard, and Mum would preserve the stuff that couldn’t be eaten straight away.

Fast forward forty years and most kids have no idea where their food comes from - 'It's from the supermarket!'. But they generally have no idea how it got to the supermarket and what happened to it along the way.


Pill versus Powder (Wholefood powder that is)
13 Dec

When Captain Kirk said "beam me up" I always pictured the body disintegrating into a million particles and then miraculously being reconstituted on board the starship enterprise. 

This is one feat that the scientists haven't been able to replicate… yet. Probably because the human body is such a complex organism and there's so much we don’t know about it. 

That hasn’t stopped a series of mad scientists on our TV screens trying to recreate the human form; 'Frankensteins' that didn’t quite work out.

So what makes us think we understand the plant world any better? Yet scientists deconstruct plants in the lab, extracting all the parts they think are worth keeping and separating them into piles of vitamins and minerals, ready to be reassembled as the latest remedy to help lose weight or to improve your skin.


In The Mood
9 Jul

The long sunny days of summer may now be a distant memory but etched in my brain are two events from last Christmas Day.

Christmas Day is not usually a day for making any earth-shattering discoveries, let alone two.

We were staying with Tracey's parents in Kaiteriteri and preparing for the traditional feast prepared by Tracey's Mum and Dad. While they were preparing I was keeping well clear, pretending to be useless - which I seem to be very good at!

Tracey's parents celebrate 50 years of marriage next year so as you can imagine they are a well-oiled machine when it comes to perfecting the Christmas feast - which is lucky because it usually feeds us until nearly New Year.


Nutrients to the Rescue: Simon’s Story
24 May

Since Ryman I've been searching for a new mission, one that would be less taxing on my health and more importantly one that might actually slow down the progression of Parkinsons and improve my quality of life.

The advice I received from the specialist I saw in Oregon five years ago was still ringing in my ears - his advice was to eat super-healthy, to push yourself both physically and mentally, to keep up the social contact and to get good sleep.  This was my big opportunity to take his advice.

I discovered Nutrient Rescue late last year. I was my usual sceptical self but I couldn’t argue with the evidence - after just a few weeks of taking the shots I felt way better.  My teenage son Sam, took to them as well, which blew us away. Six months later he still takes them every day.  The rest of his diet hasn’t improved any, but his school results have! 
Tracey and I decided to invest.


Shots with Daddy
21 Jul

Dinner battle lines are drawn.  I’m barking out the orders. 

“Less talking more eating” 

“Use your fork” 

“Stop playing with that, it’s dinner time not play time”. 

The blonde haired angels sat either side of me apparently gleeful in their defiant retorts. 

“I don’t like carrots” (non-sense!) 

“I’m full.  Can we have pudding” (not if you’re full) 

“Have I eaten enough now” (you’ve barely eaten anything!) 

My girls Aria and Sylvie are seven and five.  They’re actually pretty good eaters, and not too fussy about what foods they will or won’t eat.  They will eat broccoli, for example.  But they won’t touch leafy greens, with the exception of kale when it is crispy baked. 


25 May

by Dr Vanessa Ingraham 

We all know that a diet rich in vegetables and fruit boosts our immune system and keeps us feeling our best, but will an apple a day really keep the doctor away this flu season? These days, apples are one of the least nutritious fruits we can consume. Not only are they prone to insect predation and doused with pesticides (1), modern apples have been selected for sweetness and most varieties do not contain much more than some dietary fibre and a little bit of vitamin C. 


How we can reduce chronic inflammation
29 Mar

by Dr Vanessa Ingraham

Chronic inflammation is thought to be a significant factor for almost every disease associated with ageing.  Conditions such as heart disease, cancer, autoimmunity, osteoporosis, diabetes and even skin wrinkling all have roots in chronic inflammation. In order to achieve vibrant health we need to understand how to allay chronic inflammation.


Obesity key cause of chronic inflammation
22 Mar

by Dr Vanessa Ingraham 

Our modern lives are by definition highly inflammatory. The Annual Update of Key Results 2015/16,  New Zealand Health Survey, found that one in three Kiwis is overweight.  Visceral adipose, or what is affectionately known as belly fat, contains cells that act like little factories, churning out cell messengers that promote inflammation in our bodies. Chronic inflammation unhinges our ability to control blood sugar, and the ability of our liver and muscles to burn fat. 

Obesity drives inflammation, and inflammation makes it harder to lose weight.  An anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle changes can break this cycle and reduce our risk of chronic disease.


How chronic inflammation affects your health
15 Mar

by Dr Vanessa Ingraham

What do heart attacks, Alzheimer's, diabetes and depression all have in common?  The underlying mechanism by which they occur and progress may the same — chronic inflammation driven by poor diet and lifestyle choices, stressful lives and big bellies. 

The word “inflammation” describes our body’s natural response to injury.  The last time you got the flu, were bitten by a mosquito or sprained an ankle, you experienced inflammation. Appropriate inflammation is a protective mechanism and results in swelling, an increased immune system response, increased circulation to the damaged area and a host of complex cellular processes that together facilitate healing.  


10 Mar 2017

Every parent knows that children love lollies, cookies and sweet drinks. But don’t be too hard on them; it’s all a delicious ploy by evolutionary biology to ensure survival of the youngest members of our species. Research shows kids are hardwired to have a stronger sugar preference than adults, and newborns will show a strong preference for sugar-sweetened solutions.    

A child’s sensory world is very different from ours. They will salivate over treats far too salty or sweet for you and me, and are generally more sensitive to bitter flavours. One reason is simply that children need more sugar to support their rapid growth and development. A strong preference for sweet foods, which in nature were not always as ubiquitous as they are now, may have conferred a survival advantage.

Avoiding bitter foods makes sense too. In nature the bitter flavour often represents secondary plant compounds such as alkaloids and terpenes, which may be poisonous. By avoiding the flavour that may go with dangerous phytochemicals, again, children may have been using their taste buds to survive.

Sugar not only tastes extra good to little ones, it makes them feel extra good too. Doctors know this and so will use sugar-sweetened liquid as a natural pain reliever in infants too young for traditional analgesics.

There is good news though — at the age at which children stop growing, their preference for sugar shrinks as well. By age 15 or 16, most teenagers show about the same preference as adults for sweet foods and drinks. The age at which that preference changes can be predicted by measuring bone turnover — when bone stops growing, kids may stop raiding the lolly jar as well. One reason for this is that growing bones secrete hormones such as insulin and leptin that may stimulate the brain and and influence metabolism, taste and cravings.


“I have been taking my shots for about 2 months now. After being sick 8 times this year with colds (yes 8 times!) I was almost at my wits end. Catching public transport to and from work and working in an office open floor plan have not helped when other people cough over you all the time. However, since I started taking my shots every day I haven’t had ONE cold!!!! It has been such a relief and everyone has noticed how much more energy I have (looking a lot brighter in the skin). My partner noticed so much and now he’s hooked too!!! I also got three other colleagues into them.”

Shelby Wilson

“In the mornings I used to drag myself out of bed and felt like I had been run over by a bus. It usually took me a strong coffee and half an hour of just sitting to wake up properly. After about two weeks of taking the shots I noticed I was getting up feeling energised and ready for the day. It has really helped to maintain energy levels throughout the day and I am more inclined to be active as I have more energy! Amazing! I feel content that I am supporting and nourishing my body for myself, my family and my future health.”

Tania Englebretsen

“This product is so amazing. I’ve had a coffee everyday in hand daily (twice sometimes) just to survive since having my first baby 17months ago. I’ve only been taking this for a week, sometimes twice a day depending on how busy the day is, and even after having less than 5hours sleep most times, I no longer NEED coffee and have energy to work nightshift without coffee, no after noon slump, the list of benefits goes on. Thank you so much 🙂 So Grateful.”