Tennis great Ivan Lendl famously lamented "grass is for the cows" after capturing every major title in world tennis bar one - Wimbledon - the only major played on grass. Fourteen times he tried and 14 times the most prestigious prize in world tennis eluded him.

So is grass really only for the cows and if so, why would we recommend you take shots which are full of wheat grass and barley grass?

I recall one Shotster described the Green Shot as "something which tastes and smells like grass". Good honest feedback, we love it!

While mowing my lawn last weekend, lush after we'd enjoyed blue skies and heavy dews all week, I was struck by the aroma of freshly cut grass and it got me thinking about that comment.

"Nutritious, not delicious"

A common reaction from someone trying the shots for the first time is "I can handle the Red Shot, but I struggle a bit with the green one". We try our best to prepare you for the experience by warning you that the Green Shot is 'nutritious, not delicious'.

Is the Green Shot only for the hardcore?

Well, it depends on what you're looking for. If you are looking for energy to get you through the day or to give you an athletic edge then the Red Shot is a must.
However, if you want to build up your resilience, lose weight, have clearer skin and healthier hair and nails, as well as an improved immune system, then you should definitely be taking the Green Shot (or the Double Shot - a mix of both!).

The compounds found in wheat grass and barley grass are extraordinarily powerful. They have been proven to slow down the aging process and even help reverse the greying of hair.

I kept scanning the research in hope, but they didn't cure baldness unfortunately.

"A gift from the Gods"

What I did discover was that all this talk of the benefits of wheat grass and barley grass was no news flash. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all latched on to this a couple of millennia ago. They called it a "gift from the Gods". It's just over the past century that scientists have finally worked out why.
It’s the chlorophyll they say. The early shoots (or sprouts) of wheat grass and barley grass contain 70% chlorophyll - the stuff which makes plants green.

About now I'm recollecting some vague memories from school science classes and photosynthesis, wishing I'd paid more attention. Time to consult Wikipedia!
I learn that chlorophyll converts the sun's rays into energy for the plant. Lots of sun and green leaves, combined with moisture from the roots is a recipe for even more energy and more growth. No wonder I've nearly filled the wheelie bin with clippings this week.

Chlorophyll provides oxygen to the plant, and when we down a Green Shot it's the same - it gives us more oxygen in our bloodstream.

But it still tastes horrible I hear you say. Well, welcome to detox!

Chlorophyll removes the toxins that have built up in your body. The more toxins you're carrying the more your body (and especially your gut) is likely to react to it. You need to be ready to tough it out, to see it through - which means taking it daily for 3 weeks or more.

Can I guarantee you'll notice a difference?

The results of our recent survey of our customers were clear:

Taking the Red and Green Shot (or Double Shot which is both combined) every day meant you were 3.5 times more likely to report healthier and clearer skin. Oh, and you'll have more energy and feel better too.

Go on, give it a try. This will not be the first time in your life that you had a negative reaction to something bitter. Remember the first time you tried coffee, dark chocolate, or beer - it wasn’t good, was it? But it grew on you didn’t it? Your gut eventually overcame the initial objections and accepted this new food or drink. You'd now call it an 'acquired' taste.


Still think it's animal fodder?

Yes, it's up there with kale, silver beet, spinach and green beans on my list of foods I grew up hating and wondering why Mum forced me to eat them. Those nutrient-dense, full of fibre, hard-to-stomach vegetables that I always left to last and tried to dispose of when Mum wasn’t looking. "It's stock food!" we'd complain when we got caught.

As Lendl's arch rival and king of Wimbledon, John McEnroe (a big fan of grass) would say - "you cannot be seriiiooous!"

We are serious, and it's not even a line ball Mr. McEnroe. We seriously believe that the Green Shot is a 'gift from the Gods' and that it will give you clearer skin, healthier hair and nails, help you lose weight, build up your resilience, detoxify your system, and much more.

Go on, give it a shot! Its only $1.20 a day, and you’ll soon know whether it works for you for sure.

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