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Supports healthy skin1*, bones1*, iron absorption1* + blood formation2*

Our wholefood products are 100% free of meat, dairy, gluten, added salt, alcohol and artificial ingredients, and contain only naturally occurring sugars.

Gluten Free + Dairy Free + Vegan

1 Due to high Vitamin C content.   2 Due to folate content

* When prepared as directed and consumed as part of a balance diet that includes a variety of foods.

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150 g Net. / 30 serves

  • Description

    Your body loves Green! Treating yourself to a Green Shot every day will help:

    • iron absorption,
    • skin and bone health,
    • energy metabolism, and
    • nerve function,

    due to high vitamin c content, and

    • blood formation,
    • amino acid synthesis

    due to folate content


    All dried: Organic wheatgrass, organic barley leaf, green pea, broccoli sprout, spearmint leaf, manuka leaf. Contains wheat and barley products but no gluten.

    To Prepare

    Simply add 1 heaped teaspoon (5 grams) to a dry shaker, add a shot glass full of water (55ml), replace lid and shake.

    Adults 1-2 shots per day. Children and adults under 50kg - 1 shot per day. Best consumed on an empty stomach, but for the first week please take with other food. The green shot can be mixed with fruit juice, almond milk or beverage of choice. Drink immediately.


    Please seal the pack well after use and store in a cool, dry place away from heat and light sources. For extra freshness, store in your fridge or freezer.

    More on how to use

  • Nutrition Info

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