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Christine Hutchison
★★★★★ 27 Feb 2024
I take Double Shot every day. My skin has improved beyond belief, I sleep better. Chronic Fatigue has gone. I will never miss a day taking this wonderful supplement. It outweighs any other vitamins I have ever tried. Thank You for this wonderful product Nutrient Rescue 🥰 …
Richard Watt
★★★★★ 27 Feb 2024
I'm the biggest skeptic there is when it comes to these types of things, but I tried it and oh boy it works!! My energy levels have gone up, no bloating of the tummy, and the help it gives me with arthritis in my hands and knees is immeasurable, it really makes a difference - give it a go - I am sure you will reap the benefits of this amazing and natural product.
Anita Joblin
★★★★★ 27 Feb 2024
I have really noticed a difference in my energy levels. I am less tired more active with my granddaughter and sleeping better. I have noticed a difference in my concentration and my eyesight seems to have improved too. As I tend to have little appetite and don't feel like eating some days I know I am still getting great natural nutrients from my double shots each day Great price Great kiwi product. If you are thinking about trying this product go for it.
Michelle Boyle
★★★★★ 25 Feb 2024
I've definitely noticed improvement of my skin which is healing up wonderfully! I also now purchase double the double shots for my elderly father, to make sure he is getting all the goodies he normally wouldn't get living alone, and he is really enjoying them each morning mixed with organic apple juice saying "yip, order more!". So we are very grateful to Nutrient Rescue. Thank you!
Judy Pratt
★★★★★ 25 Feb 2024
Enjoying the Nutrient Rescue shake each morning and I feel like it's helping with inflammation and arthritis pain.
Grace Ryan
★★★★★ 25 Feb 2024
And yet another happier healthier customer here... I'm a vegetarian, but I still don't get enough fruit and vegetables. After seeing the benefits for my lovely brother, I've been taking the double shot for three weeks so far. I've found the nutrient rescue double shot to be amazing for my skin (like spots healing much faster), having more energy, and less sweet cravings in the evening. I like the earthy taste. I've also added some spirulina and maca powder to my pouch for an extra boost (those two are hard work to take otherwise!). When I feel I need it, I'll take two shots a day, on empty tummy. My next order will be the double shot + red extra, I'm going all in... I think very few of us are eating in an optimal way (based on all the positive reviews), so nutrient rescue is a cost-effective and convenient way to get the nutrients we need from fruit and vegetables, especially when you consider it's mostly local and organic. As I'm sure others have found, the potent antioxidants as the natural colours mean you don't want to get the shot powder on any white clothes! My feedback is only on the 'equipment', here's my strategies so far, in case anyone else was the same: 1) I find the scoop handles too short to avoid getting powder on my hands, so I now just use a dessert spoon from the pouch. Maybe using the tin fixes that. 2) I don't use the shot glass as its another thing to clean, and it's too fiddly pouring from the shaker with the mixer ball, so I now take the shot from the shaker via a straw. It's much simpler for me. The straw also helps to avoid leaving the house with a 'nutrient moustache' (which has happened a few times ha!). Because my shot is rather thick, there's lots of dregs left, so I avoid wasting that by swishing water in the shaker lid and sides, downing as a chaser.
Yvonne van Leeuwen
★★★★★ 24 Feb 2024
We are so happy to have found Nutrient Rescue Double Shot and have been taking it for around 6 months now. I'm going to be heading into the bush for a week very soon and will take this (and the shaker) in and do 2 x 2 shots per day,.This will be far easier than carrying veges on the tramp (or using dried ones) - saving weight in my pack!
Penny Chua-Ong
★★★★★ 24 Feb 2024
Noel Pinn
★★★★★ 23 Feb 2024
Fabulous product! Highly recommend

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“My sweet tooth has disappeared, skin feels better, alert, no fatigue, losing belly fat, eye sight feels better, nails look healthier, super friendly staff at call centre, so grateful for a kiwi product & so happy to be supporting a kiwi business. Amene!”

Nathan A