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Nutrients to the Rescue: Simon’s Story

Since Ryman I've been searching for a new mission, one that would be less taxing on my health and more importantly one that might actually slow down the progression of Parkinsons and improve my quality of life.

The advice I received from the specialist I saw in Oregon five years ago was still ringing in my ears - his advice was to eat super-healthy, to push yourself both physically and mentally, to keep up the social contact and to get good sleep.  This was my big opportunity to take his advice.

I discovered Nutrient Rescue late last year. I was my usual sceptical self but I couldn’t argue with the evidence - after just a few weeks of taking the shots I felt way better.  My teenage son Sam, took to them as well, which blew us away. Six months later he still takes them every day.  The rest of his diet hasn’t improved any, but his school results have! 
Tracey and I decided to invest.
Company founder Michael Mayell (of Cookie Time fame) has a simple vision – “for people to be feeling as good as he does".  After feeding us cookies for 35+ years Michael decided he needed to 'balance the books', and to save us from our modern diet of heavily processed foods.  By the way Michael tells me it’s still okay to have the odd cheeky cookie.
The 'shots' are a really easy way of knocking back a healthy dose of nutrients every morning.   You just mix a teaspoon of powder with water, shake it up in a little shaker, and down the hatch they go.
The results for people who religiously take the shots are extraordinary. 
The red shot gives you an instant hit. It keeps you going in the afternoon when you'd normally look for a caffeine or sugar hit.  And if like me you were  guilty of falling asleep on the couch after dinner you may find yourself having to converse more with the family!  The major ingredient, blackcurrants, are proven to increase blood flow and athletic performance.  We've also found the antioxidant boost helps people stay calm under pressure and make better decisions.
The green shot is an energy booster as well, but the chlorophyll also performs a detox on your body.  The most obvious outcome from this is healthier, clearer skin within 3-4 weeks.  Hair and nails also improve (this was not a big selling point for me).  Theoretically it should result in Tracey using less of the expensive skin products, but I'm having to play a long game on that front. 

Shots are quick and easy to take, plus you can take the sachets on tour, which is when you tend to eat and drink too much and burn the candle at both ends. 
Now, of course I have a vested interest in the success of the company - I'm hoping it becomes the next A2 milk!  But I wouldn’t be thinking that way if the product wasn't up to it. It is.
The beauty lies in its simplicity: two fruits and five greens selected for their nutrient value and almost exclusively grown organically on the Canterbury plains.  They're dehydrated into powder form and kept in airtight foil sachets to preserve the nutrients.  There are no additives. Officially it’s known as a whole food powder.
Don’t expect the shots to be delicious. They are designed to give you the maximum nutrient benefit, not to be a taste sensation.  If you want delicious have some chocolate.
And the surprising part?  The cost is only $2 per day.

But that's enough of the sales pitch...

Six months on i've not regretted getting involved in Nutrient Rescue for a second.  Not only am I eating super healthy its hard to not be inspired by the people I work with.  They are all super fit and healthy - Michael drags me out hill-walking twice a week before sunrise, and I've recently started running again. 

They all have huge hearts and they genuinely care about the impact they have on other people and the planet - you feel great just being around them.  And they keep me on my toes!  

My specialist just shakes his head in disbelief and says you're doing remarkably well, but he still thinks I should get some more sleep!  

What more could I ask for?  Its helping my family, and loads of my friends as well now.  I'm enjoying myself.  And I've been able to reduce my meds. 

I've discovered food really is the best medicine.


To find out how to get started on the Shots, check out our Get Started page.

If you're a returning Shotster head over to the Online Store.

For more help refer to our FAQs or contact us.

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“So many things I love about my shots, but the best one is the energy, no afternoon slump, I am noticeably more active and really noticed a difference the one time I forgot to take my afternoon shot!!! Haven’t had a cold this year either.”

Amanda Beauchamp

“We love the increase in energy! I have been taking both shots throughout my pregnancy and I am yet to really get sick this winter! I'm sure my body is thanking me for the extra nutrients at this time.”


“For me, it's actually the peace of mind that me and my vege-adverse 7 year old are getting some greens to help keep up healthy. I also noticed my skin had an extra glow and less fine lines too.”