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Customer Reviews
Anita Joblin
★★★★★ 27 Feb 2024
I have really noticed a difference in my energy levels. I am less tired more active with my granddaughter and sleeping better. I have noticed a difference in my concentration and my eyesight seems to have improved too. As I tend to have little appetite and don't feel like eating some days I know I a... more
Richard Watt
★★★★★ 27 Feb 2024
I'm the biggest skeptic there is when it comes to these types of things, but I tried it and oh boy it works!! My energy levels have gone up, no bloating of the tummy, and the help it gives me with arthritis in my hands and knees is immeasurable, it really makes a difference - give it a go - I am su... more
Christine Hutchison
★★★★★ 27 Feb 2024
I take Double Shot every day. My skin has improved beyond belief, I sleep better. Chronic Fatigue has gone. I will never miss a day taking this wonderful supplement. It outweighs any other vitamins I have ever tried. Thank You for this wonderful product Nutrient Rescue 🥰 …
Grace Ryan
★★★★★ 25 Feb 2024
And yet another happier healthier customer here... I'm a vegetarian, but I still don't get enough fruit and vegetables. After seeing the benefits for my lovely brother, I've been taking the double shot for three weeks so far. I've found the nutrient rescue double shot to be amazing for my skin (l... more
Judy Pratt
★★★★★ 25 Feb 2024
Enjoying the Nutrient Rescue shake each morning and I feel like it's helping with inflammation and arthritis pain.
Michelle Boyle
★★★★★ 25 Feb 2024
I've definitely noticed improvement of my skin which is healing up wonderfully! I also now purchase double the double shots for my elderly father, to make sure he is getting all the goodies he normally wouldn't get living alone, and he is really enjoying them each morning mixed with organic apple ju... more
Yvonne van Leeuwen
★★★★★ 24 Feb 2024
We are so happy to have found Nutrient Rescue Double Shot and have been taking it for around 6 months now. I'm going to be heading into the bush for a week very soon and will take this (and the shaker) in and do 2 x 2 shots per day,.This will be far easier than carrying veges on the tramp (or using... more
Teena Harris
★★★★★ 23 Feb 2024
Since taking the Nutrient Rescue my husband energy has improved alot. Our son who has diabetes his levels have been improving alot also.For me my energy levels also but the big difference was l had a touch of the flu it was gone in 24 hours. Thankyou Nutrient Rescue for starting up this product in ... more
Noel Pinn
★★★★★ 23 Feb 2024
Fabulous product! Highly recommend
Jane Brown
★★★★★ 22 Feb 2024
I started taking Nutrient Rescue religiously only two weeks ago, what do I mean by religiously? I bought it as part of my New Years Resolution to start looking after my health but didn't get into the daily routine. Now I have! I am not looking back and have just bought the 10g sachets as I travel fo... more
Jane Pryor
★★★★★ 21 Feb 2024
My husband and I returned from a holiday with a fractured wrist and still recovering from our first bout of COVID. Taking Nutrient Rescue has made our recovery that much easier. We are definitely going to continue taking this to support our health.
Pauline Dann
★★★★★ 21 Feb 2024
Great product...I've been using for 6 months now and it's become a morning routine. Easy parking & helpful staff for Chch pickup also.
Tina Verschoor
★★★★★ 20 Feb 2024
I take my nutrient rescue shot every morning and now after several years as being prediabetic I am suddenly no longer in that danger zone. My iron count is the best it's ever been also where once I was iron deficient and I have enough energy to keep up with my toddling mokopuna. Tēnā koe nutrient re... more
Pip Gillings
★★★★★ 20 Feb 2024
I've been taking the double shots for around 10 weeks now. I was skeptical for sure but they are a part of my daily routine now. A great way to get so many nutrients in and so easy to mix and take with the shaker provided. Highly recommend!
Stacia Rodricks
★★★★★ 20 Feb 2024
Absolutely love it! So much energy, skin feels way better no more acne the list goes on.
Rachael Summerville
★★★★★ 20 Feb 2024
I definitely feel the benefits of this 😊 …
Lee Skilton
★★★★★ 19 Feb 2024
This product is absolutely fantastic. I have been troubled with fatigue for years. After a few weeks using Nutrience Rescue I feel twenty years younger. Thank you so much ♥️
★★★★★ 17 Feb 2024
Fantastic product and customer service, back for my second order and loving it!!
Suz Peeperkoorn
★★★★★ 16 Feb 2024
Friendly helpful staff. Thank you
Angela Newton
★★★★★ 16 Feb 2024
I’ve only been using this product for 3 weeks and I am definitely noticing how well it works. I’ve been very tired from having chemo treatment and they said that it will hang around. I started back work full time 3 weeks ago and thought I’d be super tired and struggle but thanks to Nutrient Rescue I... more
Delores Peters
★★★★★ 16 Feb 2024
This is my second order plus I got extra energy red shots can't wait to try. I'm pleased with my well being feel so great .Thank you nutrient rescue.
Stacey Rogers
★★★★★ 21 Feb 2024
Hi I have been on the Green shot journey just over a month or so now. Best ever addition to my daily routine. I love the taste the benefit has given my skin a real renewed feeling🥰 I believe for me it's what my body has needed for a long time. Definitely so worth it. I genuinely recommend 💯. Th... more
Sylvia Van Duijnen
★★★★★ 14 Feb 2024
I'm almost 3 weeks in taking nutrient Rescue and after about a week I noticed my brain was a lot clearer and I could easier remember things, just an amazing feeling! Also got a lot more energy during the day, I'm just over the moon and already ordered a new bag so I don't run out!
Lauren Brunt
★★★★★ 13 Feb 2024
I am loving taking the shots each morning to start the day. My 17 year old is hooked. This is the first health supplement, for want of a better word, that she has taken consistently. One month in and feeling more energised. Keep up the good work Nutrient Rescue!
Louise Orton
★★★★★ 13 Feb 2024
Love this stuff! Thank you Nutrient Rescue
louise obrien
★★★★★ 13 Feb 2024
Love it my morning energy kick before my walk then another at lunch time no afternoon blues
Sharyn Barker-Fonohema
★★★★★ 12 Feb 2024
I have used double shots before, I noticed a huge improvement to my energy, pain levels and general health, for some time now I had become complacent and stopped using this product, lately I've noticed feeling my fibromyalgia pain has become worse, my energy levels non existent at times, always seem... more
Debbie Booth
★★★★★ 11 Feb 2024
Nutrient Rescue has become a regular part of my day. Having run out of energy completely through low iron stores, i was desperately looking for a healthy way to rebuild my body. I found it in Nutrient Rescue. Not only does it come via courier but it has often got a recipe idea or a thank you card tu... more
Nell Smith-Hughes
★★★★★ 11 Feb 2024
Great product. I pay the casual rate and use double shot three times a week - lasts alot longer and costs less.😇
Erica Yates
★☆☆☆☆ 10 Feb 2024
Product has done nothing so far except given me an unacceptable amount of flatulence. Stopped taking it and have had no response from support team in regards to my questions thus far.
Hinetapuarau Ioane
★★★★★ 09 Feb 2024
Getting there, taste buds coping well . . . feeling some change but not sure what it is . . . pleasing to know that it is an Aotearoa product . . . yes, I would recommend it to my whānau.
Peter Smith
★★★★★ 07 Feb 2024
Best thing I've ever had only been on double shot for three days and can feel the energy coming back my tiredness is going and starting to feel a bit like I did years ago. I have a heart condition and with all the medication was feeling tired and no energy since starting Nutrient Rescue things are c... more
Belinda Wehrle
★★★★★ 06 Feb 2024
I have gone back and forth with this product - “is it making a difference? Yes, I think so. Nah, I just think it is” and stop my subscription. I did this twice when I first started. The verdict is it DOES make a difference- I have more energy, am more focused, and am never sick. When my 19 year old ... more
Bob Bob
★★★★★ 06 Feb 2024
Loving it so far. Feeling so much more healthier and my skin is clearing up.
Cliff Cochrane
★★★★★ 06 Feb 2024
Started nutrient rescue March last year,,forgot renew over Xmas noticed tiredness came back &lacking energy,,back on it again
Suzanne Gutberlet
★★★★★ 05 Feb 2024
I feel so much better after taking Nutrient Rescue and have recommended it to my sister
Drebers Mcfaren
★★★★★ 02 Feb 2024
Absolutely love double shot- I get sick less often and have more energy during the day- really glad to be taking more vitamins for my health - definitely feel better taking double shot every day for the past year
Sylvia Morine
★★★★★ 02 Feb 2024
I started Nutrient Rescue as I picked up Covid 19 and could not shake the illness & ended up with long COVID & sick for months with severe fatigue and a friend said take Nutrient Rescue and I haven’t looked back I feel like I used to feel great again! I highly recommend it
★★★★★ 02 Feb 2024
Thank you team. I am seeing benefits from these daily shots as disclosed privately. Customer is service is 10 🌟. Super cool when feedback is welcomed, emails, and genuine effort to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. Speedy delivery always also. Very highly recommend.
Meihana Macdonald
★★★★★ 01 Feb 2024
Two weeks down and feeling great, not feeling tired through the day at all. 87yr old mother is not having nana naps anymore either. seems to be more alert. Just made another purchase, 3pack double shot this time. -ordered Tuesday night, recieved today 1 feb Thursday morning.
Jacqui Moreton
★★★★★ 01 Feb 2024
I saw my Nurse Practioner and She suggested I tried Nutrient Rescue I am so grateful She did I feel it’s been a game changer can do an all day without a nap and mood seems improved too a month in 😊
Diane McQueen
★★★★★ 01 Feb 2024
Helpful, friendly staff and good product
susan johnstone
★★★★★ 31 Jan 2024
Great product. Over all I have noticed an increase in energy and general wellbeing.
Jill Dyson
★★★★★ 31 Jan 2024
Every review is true! I can knit for my grandchildren again, the pain in my fingers has gone. So happy., thank you.
jaime rapley
★★★★★ 29 Jan 2024
Amazing product that actually works for that 3pm brain fog!!
Chrissie Bell
★★★★★ 29 Jan 2024
Great products - helps me with my busy lifestyle.
Neila Kaukau
★★★★★ 29 Jan 2024
Loving these shots. At first it doesn't taste great but you get used to it. I prefer to blend the red shot with the double. I also prefer to put two ice cubes in the shaker as having the shot makariri (cold) is easier to wash down. I definitely have noticed more energy, no need for avo naps as my e... more
Hugh Buckenham
★★★★★ 28 Jan 2024
Excellent Product & Customer service . Highly recommend as a wellness supplement.
Taylor Walker
★★★★★ 27 Jan 2024
I am not good at daily meals I seen the add come up on Facebook and thought I'd give it a go they have sample sizes but after I looked into it I de idea to get a full berry shot bag and I LOVE it the taste is so good I can really taste the nutrients and the shot pack with the glass amd shaker that h... more
judi mcmanus
★★★★★ 26 Jan 2024
Absolutely amazing just made a huge difference when I was fatigued after covid. Couldn't believe the difference it made in such a short time. ++++
Janice McMurdo
★★★★★ 25 Jan 2024
Two people who see me most days, think I have more energy. I also, think that is true. One of them is thinking of getting Nutrient Rescue for herself.
Jennifer MacMillan
★★★★★ 24 Jan 2024
I have only ever heard great things about this product and someone from work suggested I give it a go as they also suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. I am also recently pregnant so this was a double whammy for me in terms of fatigue. I ordered the starter pack which i found was an affordable pric... more
Katri Vaiknemets
★★★★★ 24 Jan 2024
Have only just started, but can postpone having a coffee a few hours later quite easily now after my morning shot.
William booth
★★★★★ 24 Jan 2024
My Daughter in law has been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and after taking the red shots for 2 mths she is feeling the best she has in 6mths with less brain fog and more energy
Sat Nam
★★★★★ 23 Jan 2024
Tastes so good and quick and easy to make
Carolyn Oatley
★★★★★ 19 Jan 2024
I have been using Nutrient Rescue for many many years. I even manage to pack it when I go tramping. I love it and feel great. I am 73 so need anything that makes me feel better. Can't remember ever missing a day.
skye hale
★★★★★ 18 Jan 2024
Great for energy, taste is fine, would recommend this product 👌
Andrea Hudson
★★★★★ 17 Jan 2024
I feel so much better when I take my daily double shots.
Connie Charlton
★★★★★ 17 Jan 2024
I noticed an immediate improvement in my skin (especially on my lips) when I started drinking the double shot. My nails and hair are smoother and shinier too. The taste takes a little to get used to, but ok, even to drink straight.
Andrea Newburgh
★★★★★ 17 Jan 2024
Really great product and fast service 👍
Chrissie Locke
★★★★★ 15 Jan 2024
Ngā mihi! Many thanks Nutrient Rescue for your wonderful product, great service and good comms! Love your product :) Chrissie
teri galvin
★★★★★ 14 Jan 2024
Wonderful stuff. I've been taking everyday for months now. Still feeling great and I love the fact that if I don't eat to well during the day I know I've had a boost of fruit and vege.
Bella S
★★★★★ 14 Jan 2024
Amazing product that helped me heaps after my surgery and recovery to aid getting energy back and feel brighter thanks for the promotional gift too
Tania Murray
★★★★★ 14 Jan 2024
Love this stuff, gives you energy and good sleeps and I now panic when getting low. I would recommend to anyone to give it a go, you will not regret it.
Moana Ashley
★★★★★ 14 Jan 2024
I have been taking the Double Shots for a couple of years now and my skin glows. My well being is due to nutrient rescue being a part of my daily regime. One of the things I do for myself at the start of each day. I'm always energised and for my brain health I'm always able to clearly think . I do n... more
Tofi Neemia
★★★★★ 14 Jan 2024
Funny thing is I bought this because I was really sluggish around midday at work, and then I noticed the eczema around my eyes, that I’ve had for three years had gone leaving me with smooth skin I nearly cried and couldn’t believe it. This is my third batch of the double shot and I am over the moon,... more
Graeme Cook
★★★★★ 13 Jan 2024
I have purchased the double shot subscription. The product does do as what is advertised on Nutrient Rescues website. I have chronic inflammation so this product goes a long way towards reducing that.
Lea-Ann Kirwin
★★★★☆ 13 Jan 2024
Am enjoying this shot i feel alot more alive my skin hair and nails are starting to look good aswell the taste is a bit hard to get use to but u do get over it just ordered my 2nd lot recommend this to any1
jocelyn knight
★★★★★ 12 Jan 2024
We wouldn't be without Nutriant Rescue Double Shoots. We started ordering Double Shots when Covid first started. About 4 years now. We feel confident that taking our Double Shots daily has ensured that we are staying healthy with more energy and clear skin. We also introduced my parents to Double Sh... more
Linda Stronach
★★★★★ 11 Jan 2024
Love this stuff - I think it literally saved my life!
Matt Rawling
★★★★★ 11 Jan 2024
Thankyou for such a wonderful product. Increases my mental mood in a positive way Delivery is always 10 out 10 Matt 😊 Dunedin
Andreea Serbanescu
★★★★☆ 10 Jan 2024
Both me and my husband use Nutrient Rescue and we can see a change in our energy levels. Last purchase seemed to have the seeds not grounded very well.
TC Cambridge
★★★★★ 10 Jan 2024
My wife contracted shingles of which there is no cure. It has to run it's course but Nutrient Rescue Double Shot enabled her to recover sooner than expected. A great product!
Angelo Shand
★★★★★ 09 Jan 2024
Love my Double Shots every morning. I am not an early breakfast person. The shots start my day right and give me the energy & brightness I need to carry me through till brunch time :-)
Leanne Mallinder
★★★★★ 09 Jan 2024
I've been taking the Double Shot for a few months now, and it's made a huge difference to my energy levels plus no colds! I also love the communication and encouragement from the Nutrient Rescue team. I highly recommend trying their products!
Rochelle Javaid
★★★★★ 08 Jan 2024
I am loving my shots. I found that it's helped with that afternoon slump and I'm sleeping better at night. I also noticed my usual aches and pains have gone to the point i returned all my pain meds to the pharmacy. I have just ordered my next round of shots. I reckon this year health wise is going ... more
Rachael Summerville
★★★★★ 07 Jan 2024
I definitely feel the benefits of this 😊
Janice Tetley-Jones
★★★★★ 04 Jan 2024
Great product, but due to health conditions my body wouldn’t tolerate it. Nutrient Rescue were true to their promise and promptly refunded me. Awesome service
David & Louise Peterson
★★★★★ 04 Jan 2024
We have been taking this supplement for a year or so now and love it. Now other family members are asking for their own pouches! Also, super lovely staff!
Penny Ashley
★★★★★ 03 Jan 2024
Life changing increase in energy!
Sparklecleaning Matakana
★★★★★ 02 Jan 2024
I have been using Nutrient rescue for two months and have noticed an Improvement in my chronic pain in my knees and an improvement in my skin ..
Cushla Taylor
★★★★★ 25 Dec 2023
My Nutrient Rescue double shots are my go to life saver, I take a shot every day and occasionally twice a day if I’m having to work long hours. I’m heading into my 60s but my skin still glows and people often say they thought I was a lot younger. Nutrient Rescue gives me my sparkle along with a he... more
Julie Sherpa
★★★★★ 21 Dec 2023
I tried the green shots some time ago and wasn’t keen on tbe taste, but giving it another go with the double shots has me hooked! The taste is improved with having the reds included but what amazed me was the pick-up in my energy levels, which have previously been low over much of this year.
Kirsty Marsh
★★★★★ 21 Dec 2023
Hi i have a condition called complex regional pain syndrome and since i have started using i have noticed less pain i would normally get i drink more water i have lost the taste for sweet things i sleep better i highly recommended this product 😊😊 kirsty
★★★★★ 20 Dec 2023
Love this stuff
Lorraine Johnston
★★★★★ 19 Dec 2023
Love your shots. 82 years young, living on my own, I can be assured of getting my daily dose of five a day. Wouldn't be without them for the world
Jo Orawiec
★★★★★ 19 Dec 2023
Nutrient Rescue is a MUST in my life, I cannot survive without it. If you need energy, need to feel good about yourself, need to know lots of goodness is going into your body, you MUST get onto this stuff!
★★★★★ 19 Dec 2023
My husband and I have been taking this for 6 months now. I have noticed my hair, skin and nails are much better and the part of his hair he was losing is thicker and he is not losing as much. Great for energy and if we have a few wines we do not feel groggy the next day. Great stuff!
Jodie Cuthill
★★★☆☆ 18 Dec 2023
I gave it up for about 3months but have just ordered it again but when I was using it I felt good in the morning so hoping it will make it me feel good again
Rob Laidlaw
★★★★★ 18 Dec 2023
I've been making shots for my family for years, and even though they resist... I know they love me for it!
hadfield smith
★★★★★ 17 Dec 2023
Awesome realy feel a change in health energy levels up at 57
sarah abbott
★★★★★ 16 Dec 2023
Loving Nutrient Rescue! I eat healthy food but often skip meals as I’m just not hungry. By having my double shot I know that I’m getting the nutrients I need 😊
Moira Blincoe
★★★★★ 16 Dec 2023
Being introduced to Nutrient Rescue by our daughter was the greatest gift of all. Our day starts with our Double Shots, and our sachets and mixer/glass travel with us wherever we go. The benefits are enormous and my energy levels have remained consistently high; no colds encountered since taking t... more
Ngaire Riley
★★★★★ 15 Dec 2023
I love Nutrient Rescue, it has been a real game changer, the benefits build up better over time. Two noticeable benefits - do not need to take sleeping aids to get to sleep or sleep through the night, colds only last half the time.
Kate Nankivell
★★★★★ 15 Dec 2023
I'm enjoying having my Double Shot every morning during the pre Christmas season and feeling good all day. What an assist at this busy time of year.
Kelly Kane
★★★★★ 14 Dec 2023
I originally bought this to try and my daughter who was still suffering terrible fatigue a couple of years after having a bad bout of glandular fever and it makes a great difference to her when she regularly takes it. The bonus was my husband and I decided to give it a go too, we swear by it, greatl... more
★★★★★ 14 Dec 2023
On my second pouch of Nutrient rescue after being introduced to it through a friend. What an improvement! More motivation, less lethargy, better gut digestion and less bloating. Also the boysenberries today were delicious. Thanks Nutrient Rescue!
Lyn Puflett
★★★★★ 12 Dec 2023
Nutrient rescue is a great product. I really notice a drop in energy if I miss taking it for a couple of days.
Leonie Aekins
★★★★★ 11 Dec 2023
Absolutely love what Double shot is doing for my mind & body really feeling alot more energy each day it supports muscles & bones especially as I'm in the menopause fase in my life & skin health.
Josie Gray
★★★★★ 11 Dec 2023
You dont realize how amazing Nutrient Rescue is for your body until you stop taking it!!! All the positive improvements come to a halt & your health craves the nutrition! Needless to say, I cannot live without my daily shot. I absolutely recommend this life giving drink!
★★★★★ 10 Dec 2023
Have been taking Nutrient Rescue for at least 2 years now. Loving the extra energy. No more 3pm tiredness. Definitely recommend.
Nardia Lawless
★★★★★ 06 Dec 2023
Didn't really believe that the product would be that blown away by the result I am getting in one week,not in such a brain fog and sweet cravings have gone. My stomach is flattering.Have shouted my friend a starter set
Christine Fraser
★★★★★ 06 Dec 2023
Just love this product, my day is just not the same without nutrient rescue, the vitamin pills have gone as Nutrient rescue cover's it all. Hair, skin, nails and energy, in my 60's this is the best anti ageing product I have ever come across
Elaine Fernandes
★★★★★ 05 Dec 2023
Game changer for kids & adults. I use it for kids post sports games & no need for sugar treats. They say the drink gives them more energy & focus 💫💫💫💫💫
Karla Bremner
★★★★★ 30 Nov 2023
I'm a single mum in my 40+ years and a personal trainer, 12 months ago I was feeling fatigued, irritable and low in energy, constantly tired, anxious, Peri-menopausal and my period had disappeared. I had blood tests which didn't show anything of concern. Being in the health and Fitness Industry my e... more
Angela Hastings
★★★★★ 29 Nov 2023
I have been on the double shot for 7 days and am finding that my bowel motions are regular and i am not having ibs which has been an ongoing declining issue with my health for over 5 years. It has also supported me with sleep deprivation in my menopausal body.
Deb Paish
★★★★★ 29 Nov 2023
So glad I decided to try the doubleshot , it keeps me going when energy slump hits.
Joanie Bartels
★★★★★ 29 Nov 2023
I have been using Nutrient Rescue for two months now and wow! what a difference in my energy level and general well -being! Thank you for such a great, natural product!
Lynny Cole
★★★★★ 29 Nov 2023
I am recovering from a TBI and have found the doubleshots help so much with fatigue. I tried a cheaper brand due to being on ACC and lower income but it didnt come close to this. Big 👍
Rachael Summerville
★★★★★ 28 Nov 2023
I definitely feel the benefits of this 😊
Sharon Knight
★★★★★ 28 Nov 2023
Super happy to have found this product, pain in my fingers has started to be less each day and can feel that i am gaining more energy, actually look forward to taking it once i got used to flavour
lise B
★★★★★ 28 Nov 2023
At first I wasn’t sure it was working and then I stopped taking it and noticed the difference. When taking it I felt energetic, and more balanced. I really love this stuff! Thanks so much <3
Allie Dibble
★★★★★ 27 Nov 2023
Absolutely wonderful!! I have ordered the 3 pack offer as well because I never want to run out of these essential nutrients for my health and well-being. Awesome product 😀
Eirwen Probert
★★★★★ 27 Nov 2023
Absolutely love this product, it was recommended to me by a colleague and I was sceptical to begin with - but no more brain fog, I’ve dropped 6kgs and no afternoon sugar cravings. My day isn’t complete without my double shot in the morning. Thoroughly recommend this product.
Cooper Gillespie
★★★★☆ 26 Nov 2023
The red shot is easy to drink and nice tasting. While I don't think my energy has lifted overly after 30 days, I do know this time of year is crazy busy and stressful yet I'm not feeling tired or stressed. Could be due to the red shot! So am giving it another month & see how we go. Hoping my sweet c... more
Lisa Lomas
★★★★★ 26 Nov 2023
I believe in this product for energy, but once I had a car accident, I believe it was part of my healing journey. I upped my dose to 2 a day to help me just do normal and 3 months on back at work, and if I get a slump, I have another. It gives me sustainable energy, and my body loves it. I add al... more
Beverley Willcocks
★★★★★ 26 Nov 2023
I have been using Double Shots for over a year now and I can't believe how much better I feel for taking this despite having had an injury for 3 years - I really needed something to build me up and this does it for me.
Elaine Jones
★★★★★ 26 Nov 2023
Definitely feel I have more energy since starting Double Shots a month ago
Pauline Dann
★★★★★ 25 Nov 2023
Great product...I've been using for 3 months now and it's become a morning routine. Easy parking & helpful staff for Chch pickup also.
Jayne Abbott
★★★★★ 25 Nov 2023
End of second month in and can’t believe how much more up n go I have back. After COVID last Nov I have had no energy, enthusiasm and just want to sleep. I feel so much better and more energised, getting a monthly order probably forever … Thanks for rescuing me NR 🙏🏼💝
Bryana Bourke
★★★★★ 25 Nov 2023
Highly recommend the double shots; I incorporate them into my daily routine, and not only do I feel more energized than ever, but my skin and hair has also improved! These are the best!
Deb Timings
★★★★★ 24 Nov 2023
Have way more energy,all round well being is better .
sandy hurley
★★★★★ 22 Nov 2023
Purchased nutrient rescue for my husband and myself. We have been using for a couple of weeks. We have both lost our sugar cravings and feel so much better. Would reccommend.
Debbie Coyle
★★★★★ 22 Nov 2023
Fantastic product My husband I have been taking these for a couple of months now ... How did we survive without them ☺️☺️
Sylvia Morine
★★★★★ 20 Nov 2023
I started Nutrient Rescue as I picked up Covid 19 and could not shake the illness & ended up with long COVID & sick for months with severe fatigue and a friend said take Nutrient Rescue and I haven’t looked back I feel like I used to feel great again! I highly recommend it
Mischa Clouston
★★★★★ 19 Nov 2023
Double Shots have been my go to energy and vitality hit for a while now. Its like magic in a shot glass.
blue jeans
★★★★★ 19 Nov 2023
I am so surprised how excellent this is. I had tryed all sorts of hormone pills (im 42 years old) etc to balance mood, skin, hair, energy and weight and it never worked! the double shot has improved all these areas drastically ! the taste was horrific at the start now on week three i crave the sho... more
Brona Youngman
★★★★★ 18 Nov 2023
I spend 2 days to find a way how to write a review for Nutrient Rescue product. I was suffering with low iron, low energy through the whole day. I'm farming, looking after my 3 children and a husband and I just couldn't go through the whole day without collapsing in to my bed at 9pm. After month an... more
Lynne Merrick
★★★★★ 18 Nov 2023
I love Nutrient Rescue, it gives me ENERGY that I was sorely lacking in. It's my booster shot for the day!
Peter Bell
★★★★★ 17 Nov 2023
Great product and service.
Shane G
★★★★★ 14 Nov 2023
Good taste with all the natural nutrients helps give me more energy after having a brain injury and fatigue as result.
Gloria Pratt
★★★★★ 13 Nov 2023
I've been intermittent fasting since September so take my nutrient rescue, around 1.30pm..I have been feeling great. Not tired or lethargic. Really recommend. I've just purchased a lovely purple tin off here, to keep it in.
Dave Butler
★★★★★ 09 Nov 2023
Great product helping to get the required nutrients into your body. Easy to take and well packaged
Heather Rodwell
★★★★★ 08 Nov 2023
I've been having double shots for two months now. Enjoying energy and improved digestive experience. It's great!
★★★★★ 23 Nov 2023
Great product that really works, making you feel energized while giving you peace of mind that you have all the necessary daily nutrients to ensure a healthy, active long life.
Charlotte Potaka-Pulman
★★★★★ 05 Nov 2023
Really enjoying! Such a noticeable difference ! Will not let myself run out!
Rosalie Cooper
★★★★★ 03 Nov 2023
I love nutrient rescue double shots! Every morning before I start my day, I take my shot. I am not a coffee or tea drinker and only drink warm or cold water every day. My skin is so much healthier and clearer looking, much more energy and no more fatigue or brain fog during or after work! I also ... more
Gary Winter
★★★★★ 03 Nov 2023
We love double shot! we have been taking it once a day for the past 4 months, we hate running out and quickly shoot to the store when that happens! We have recommended to family and friends and some of them are now also enjoying all the benefits. We love that it is made here in New Zealand and is o... more
Leah Bidois
★★★★★ 06 Nov 2023
I suffer depression and it's hard to keep myself going at times what with family, work and other obligations. A friend referred this to me and I have just finished my first packet, I thought I would leave it a couple of days before I reordered just to see what affect not having any would be. It ha... more
Steve Mellis
★★★★★ 03 Nov 2023
Awesome product, really notice the energy difference, between taking and without.
Cecelia Smith
★★★★★ 02 Nov 2023
Absolutely amazing product. I don’t eat carbs and i don't eat enough vegetables. Taking these shots every morning has helped me so much. My workouts at the gym are so much better and my walking/running is definitely easier. I give this product an 11/10. A++++. Just bought another 5 more packs so i d... more
russ gray
★☆☆☆☆ 27 Oct 2023
found no benefit so have decided to try the red
Cindy Christensen
★★★★★ 31 Oct 2023
Amazing stuff, I now cannot live without it. Way more energy and my iron levels went from non existent to within the correct range and this was the only thing I changed as I cannot stomach iron tablets.
Marie Everitt
★★★★★ 30 Oct 2023
Love this product, Helps me get through the days & nights as im a shift worker.
Lynne Dartnall
★★★★★ 30 Oct 2023
Great product. Big difference in hair & nails since taking it. I take it back to the US with me!
Richie Hague
★★★★★ 29 Oct 2023
Great stuff definitely feels like I have more energy after taking it for only 1 month 👌
Stephen Steddy
★★★★★ 29 Oct 2023
Fantastic product, I use ever morning and feel great.
Michael Heeney Greig Lysaght
★★★★★ 27 Oct 2023
Heart failure and a few other health conditions had me always needing a nap each day. Since taking Nutrient Rescue I have heaps more energy and no longer get exhausted by mid afternoon
Sarah Simpson
★★★★★ 25 Oct 2023
Sleeping better, less sugar cravings. Really rate it.
Vicki Jamieson
★★★★★ 24 Oct 2023
This is a fantastic product. I suffer from many aches and pains and was always very tired as my sleep was affected. Since I have had Nutrient Rescue I have a lot more energy, so I am doing more, and the pain is not so bad when I am exercising, so I can rest and recover better. I would absolutely rec... more
Cushla McGinty
★★★★☆ 24 Oct 2023
Definitely helping my energy levels, am only on 3rd week.
Therese Conlan
★★★★★ 23 Oct 2023
I absolutely love this product!!! I'm 4 months pregnant and ran out a month ago abd fekt the difference in my energy levels when I stopped using it. Just re order and can't wait to get back on track. Please keep this product affordable for everyone 🙏 💖 💕 🙂
Carolyn Oatley
★★★★★ 23 Oct 2023
I have been using Nutrient Rescue for many many years. I even manage to pack it when I go tramping. I love it and feel great. I am 73 so need anything that makes me feel better. Can't remember ever missing a day.
Val Taumoli'Cox
★★★☆☆ 22 Oct 2023
It certainly has made a positive change to my health and well-being, my blood pressure first time, in a very long time it's normal
Louise Mack
★★★★★ 21 Oct 2023
Amazing stuff! My finger nails healed, I no longer crave junk food. And my energy levels are much better. I missed a day of taking my shots and could see a huge difference in how I felt. Definitely going to be a regular customer!
Lisa Chicken
★★★★★ 19 Oct 2023
I cannot recommend nutrient rescue highly enough! The stories aren’t just marketing hype, this product truly works. I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and had tried everything before I started taking nutrient rescue but nothing ever seemed to make a difference. After a couple of months of taking double ... more
Sue Mckinnon
★★★★★ 15 Oct 2023
I actually like the taste of the double shot! And I enjoy having an extra hour in my days as i don’t need my nap. Happy….
tania knight
★★★★★ 15 Oct 2023
I absolutely love this product. Have been taking it for a while now, and I definitely notice when I have forgotten to take it. I prefer to take it about mid morning. I took it at dinnertime once and wondered why I was unable to settle to sleep (won't do that again) It certainly give you an energy bo... more
Sarah Ellem
★★★★★ 15 Oct 2023
Since taking Nutrient Rescue I’ve noticed a reduction in the afternoon sugar cravings and I haven’t been unwell this winter! I feel like I’m also getting what I need even when things are hectic and we’re maybe not eating as well as we should.
Raewyn James
★★★★★ 14 Oct 2023
I love this NZ product. As we age, we all need extra nutrients (especially the anti-oxidants) and this has been such an easy way to support a healthy diet. I am a Personal Trainer in my 60s and several of my clients are now using Nutrient Rescue - and we all swear by it!!
Karen Flowerday
★★★★★ 13 Oct 2023
I started Nutrient Rescue about 8 years ago when I was personal training. It gave me so much energy. I now have my whole family on it and have recommended to so many in our community - they think I’m getting a kick back…. of course I am, more people loving this amazing product That’s enough for me
catherine jones
★★★★★ 13 Oct 2023
I have been taking this for more than 6 months now and what a difference! No more achy joints, heaps more energy and better sleep :-)
Sharon Roycroft
★★★★★ 12 Oct 2023
I was fatigued sore joints and low energy in less than 8 days i have a spring in my step now im waking up and jumping out of bed its incredible i can bend and flex to tie my shoe lases again i love it thanks im looking forward to having a fighting fit immune system also . Grab one dont miss out on... more
Marie Everitt
★★★★★ 11 Oct 2023
Love this product
Marie Everitt
★★★★★ 10 Oct 2023
Love this product
C Austin
★★★★★ 10 Oct 2023
Loving this product. Just getting the extra Nutrients in an easy to use powder is brilliant. Plus I have the sachets for when I am travelling away from home. Truly awesome. Thank you Nutrient Rescue.
Martin Thompson
★★★★★ 10 Oct 2023
I have been taking this for just over a week now and definitely feel better. Mentally I feel better also - have just ordered another 3 months worth!
Helen Preston
★★★★★ 08 Oct 2023
Absolutely best thing I have taken.
★★★★★ 05 Oct 2023
I have never felt so good.Especialy in the mornings and through the day as well.i feel i have more energy and feel well inside an out. Tanks Nutrient Rescue Team 👍
Carla Davidson
★★★★★ 05 Oct 2023
This has changed my life! I have so much more energy and just feel better in my skin.
Reuben Raney
★★★★☆ 04 Oct 2023
Good service & good product
Corinna O'Connell
★★★★★ 03 Oct 2023
I have been taking nutrient rescue for a month now. I feel my energy levels have increased and evened out. The texture is something I still have to get used to.
Trish Wood
★★★★★ 03 Oct 2023
Loving the double shot, I also purchased single serve sachets for travelling. Bonus!
Jessica Thomson
★★★★★ 02 Oct 2023
I was enjoying the benefits of taking this in the afternoon to prevent my mid afternoon slump as I had read it helped on other reviews of the product. However it suddenly dawned on me for the first time in years I was no longer loosing hair wherever I went. And I was not clogging up the shower dr... more
Heidi Godfrey
★★★★★ 02 Oct 2023
Fantastic product! Good for gut and joint health 😊
Ngaire Wallace
★★★☆☆ 01 Oct 2023
Had to stop taking this product after 6 weeks as it caused a bowel bleed. Will look for another product not so abrasive.
Hamish Robertson
★★★★★ 30 Sep 2023
Helping with my son's skin, his bumps on his arms have reduced and is also great for me.
Bridget Jelley
★★☆☆☆ 29 Sep 2023
Have been taking for months and unfortunately have not noticed any benefits.
Thelma Curtis
★★★★★ 29 Sep 2023
Bought the double shots previously and have now just bought my second lot of the same. The first buy, I didn't feel energy gain, BUT I did feel better within myself, healthier and my skin looked way better. Wrinkles diminished, still there, but lessened in appearance. Got used to the taste and ended... more
Jenna Anderson
★★★★☆ 26 Sep 2023
I've only used for 30 days. Hard to know if it works but I do feel slightly more engerised in the mornings. Hoping it will continue to build up in my system.
Val Heays
★★★★★ 23 Sep 2023
I didn't realize how much my body loved Double Shots until I went on holiday and ran out. I can't wait to get home and recommence my daily shot.
nev b
★★★★☆ 21 Sep 2023
Excellent customer service and awesome product has helped elevate my mood naturally :)
Alan Knight
★★☆☆☆ 20 Sep 2023
Over priced and over hyped. I gave it a six month trial and finally had to admit to myself that my daily shot of mud flavoured, disgusting glup wasn't doing anything that would justify the horrific price of the stuff.
Bev Weber
★★★★★ 20 Sep 2023
My 83 year old husband and I at 75 have called this the elixir of life
Jim Hardy
★★★★★ 19 Sep 2023
We love it so much and feel so good that we got some for our grandson and he too loves it.
Tui Wagstaff
★★★★★ 19 Sep 2023
My partner and I love Double Shot. I'm certain I feel clearer and more focused. It is great to know that you're ensuring you have boosted your 5+ a day.
★★★★★ 18 Sep 2023
For whatever reason Nutrient Rescue showed up on my Facebook news feed on day 7 of my very first Covid infection in middle of Aug. I'm immune compromised, have had 6 vaccine shots, my flu shot too, take reasonable precautions to remain Covid free, I eat healthy and keep myself reasonably fit. I was ... more
Margaret Lee
★★★★★ 16 Sep 2023
This product is amazing. Being in the over 60 age group it has given me more energy which leads to weight loss. Has helped my system get into a pattern which is great. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.
natalie daleszak
★★★★★ 14 Sep 2023
Love these double shots! I buy the sachets to take away with me on my holidays and just seen the purple tin to keep my pouch powder in, so ordered that :)
Wendy Linton
★★★★☆ 13 Sep 2023
Really good stuff but tastes awful
Jenny Keeton
★★★★★ 12 Sep 2023
Love the shots. At the moment I'm having two a day because I'm tired and it's the end of term and I notice the difference. It definitely gives me more energy and helps me to stay calm when I used to be heading for the nearest bag of chippies at the end of the day.
paul lennon
★★★★★ 11 Sep 2023
The double shots are Amazing Lots more energy
Janine Underwood
★★★★★ 10 Sep 2023
Seeing the benefits- clearer mind/thinking Less cravings and some weight loss
Toni Taylor
★★★★★ 10 Sep 2023
My skills n feels better and inflammation as eased
Jessica Ongley
★★★★★ 09 Sep 2023
We started using double shot 2 months ago. We have noticed increased energy and better sleep since starting it. We also saw improvements in our skin and hair. We love it. So easy to take and love it’s all natural and NZ made.
Rochelle Pope
★★★★★ 08 Sep 2023
Even my husband is enjoying these shots, and he NEVER agrees to take any supplements he is training for Ironman and obviously finds them beneficial- though he would never say so much 🤣
Margie Cook
★★★★★ 08 Sep 2023
My whole body feels so in balance. I’m sleeping better and my hair and skin has more life and light. The best purchase I’ve made. An investment in my health❤️
Courtney Burgess
★★★★★ 08 Sep 2023
This stuff is the best ever! I have a health problem and noticed a huge difference taking this everyday!! Everyone should take it
Vanessa Morris
★★★★★ 07 Sep 2023
Just started using double shot and starting to feel good already, don't feel snackish and have more energy. Doesn't taste great but getting used to it
Jill Martin
★★★★★ 06 Sep 2023
Nutrient Rescue has helped my overall health and now my daughter swears by it, my son is appreciating it and my Mother in law wouldn't be without it. Very grateful for this excellent product
Julie Ross
★★★★★ 05 Sep 2023
awesome product.... fab change in energy levels through the day!
Melissa Flannery
★★★★★ 04 Sep 2023
I have to say the Double Shots are a game changer. I have so much more energy since I've been taking it (around 2 months) and can definitely tell when I haven't taken it.
Meggie Bradley
★★★★★ 04 Sep 2023
I had glandular fever a few years ago and since then have constantly been sick at least once a month since then. I didn’t believe that this would help but i took it anyway and for the last two months I haven’t been sick once and have been feeling amazing. I genuinely recommend Nutrient Rescue
Odette Pine
★★★★★ 02 Sep 2023
Love this stuff! 3rd Bag on order
Rod Lowe
★★★★★ 02 Sep 2023
I was given a shot an found that I bounced all day so I purchased the starter kit finding everyday much more energetic an no so hungry for pick food , now purchased 3 x more packets feeling great cheers
deb wealleans
★★★★★ 01 Sep 2023
Just headed into the store on Waltham Road- brought the red shots which we love in our smoothies. The red shots are an amazing product and my “go to” when the cold/flu bugs have got me 😀. I was also given a couple of double shot samples and I can’t wait to try them!! Thank you!!
Lois Harrison
★★★★★ 29 Aug 2023
Great marketing team and great product. Helps a lot with sugar cravings.
Hamish Tristram
★★★★★ 28 Aug 2023
Awesome stuff,fathers day gift 😀
Shirley Blondell
★★★★★ 27 Aug 2023
Absolutely great product feeling great my hair has improved
Skye Bell
★★★★★ 27 Aug 2023
Not in the last few years have a felt so healthy through the winter months ( usually struggle with chest infections) … I take my double shot everyday as I think it had made an amazing difference to my winter immunity.
Paulette Tasker
★★★★★ 26 Aug 2023
Great tasting product & fabulous way to start the day. Such an easy way to get a good dose of nutrients. Love to mix mine with coconut water. Excellent customer service & bonus giveaway draws from time to time.
Eirwen Probert
★★★★★ 25 Aug 2023
Absolutely love this product, it was recommended to me by a colleague and I was sceptical to begin with - but no more brain fog, I’ve dropped 6kgs and no afternoon sugar cravings. My day isn’t complete without my double shot in the morning. Thoroughly recommend this product.
Amigo Wehi
★★★★★ 25 Aug 2023
Someone mentioned the sugar cravings have gone....yup, me too so am very pleased with a product that is full of energy and tastes great....
Karen Judson
★★★★★ 23 Aug 2023
I started green shots then my husband joined in. We know we don't eat enough veges every day and it feels good to be doing something about it. Thanks for a great product!
Noeline Marsh
★★★★★ 23 Aug 2023
I love nutrient rescues double shots. They give us energy to get through the day.
Marie Mihaere
★★★★☆ 21 Aug 2023
I have been taking nutrient rescue since February due to chronic fatigue for 9 months following COVID. I am nearly 69 and have been able to return to pool classes and swimming. I took a starter pack to Australia with me as a gift for a tired mother of a deaf disabled daughter and part time nurse. ... more
Linzi McDonald YOUNG
★★★★★ 19 Aug 2023
I have been enjoying the benefits from daily shots of Nutrient Rescue for the past several months. My energy levels have increased, my moods are more balanced and my general sense of well-being has improved. The team at Nutrient Rescue are always happy to assist with any queries, and they always com... more
★★★★★ 19 Aug 2023
Customer service = excellent. Double Shot powder = delicious! I feel amazing after 2 weeks of taking double shot daily. Definitely the best investment in my health that I have ever made.
Moana Melrose
★★★★★ 17 Aug 2023
I didn't believe I would enjoy this daily double shot as much as I do.. I have so much more it!!
Lesley Maskery
★★★★★ 16 Aug 2023
I love my Nutrient Rescue shots as part of my cancer recovery journey. I’m sure they’ve contributed to why I’m doing so well ❤️
Lynne Robb
★★★★★ 16 Aug 2023
Love the double shot product, have so much more energy that lasts all day
Stephen & Debbie Leet
★★★★★ 14 Aug 2023
I was a little sceptical at first but I cant believe how well I feel, my energy level has increased and I am feeling much happier within myself.
Bbee Ed
★★★★☆ 11 Aug 2023
I have had poor health for months. After 3 weeks of Nutrient Rescue I feel markedly better. My GP recommended I try this product. I have decided to do a 3 month course to boost my immune system.
Debbie Palleson
★★★★★ 09 Aug 2023
This is an amazing powder that everyone should try. You feel so much better for taking it each day. Reasonably priced and tastes so good.
Rowan Whatarau
★★★★★ 07 Aug 2023
Absolutely love this product!! Since I began taking the double shot, my energy levels have increased so much. My head fog gone, and just feeling much better overall. Highly recommended 👌
Ella Reardon
★★★★★ 07 Aug 2023
Truly do rave about this stuff! Helped heaps during end of university year when stressed and no time to properly get my nutrition in! Great for focus - Red Shot mixed into the Double Shot is my hack for the taste.
Kaye Davie
★★★★★ 04 Aug 2023
This is just the best. After having cancer My diet isnt as good as should be, so taking my Nutrient Rescue I know my body is getting all the goodness it needs. Thanks so much for this amazing product. Regards Kaye
Glenise Cotterill
★★★★★ 02 Aug 2023
I started taking Double Shots a month ago and I am wrapped with the results, I have heaps more energy, sleeping better and seem to have reduced the sweet cravings, I look forward to my daily shot. Have just placed my 2nd order and will continue placing monthly orders. Thanks Nutrient Rescue for a ... more
Heather McInnes
★★★★★ 30 Jul 2023
I love the two shots, my skin is alot better and my energy levels are much better!!
Sammy Halley
★★★★★ 27 Jul 2023
As an ECE teacher, I need all the help I can get to support my immune system and Nutrient Rescue has been a saving grace! I have more energy, my nails, hair, and skin are much better, and I don't get sick as often. I can't imagine life without it now!
Kelly-anne Bachop
★★★★★ 22 Jul 2023
Great product! Been using it for a long time now on and off.. Double shots mostly. I really notice the difference to my energy levels and my clear mindedness. It's a definite yes from me.♥️🌿
Mannie Hambley
★★★★★ 21 Jul 2023
I have noticed that I have more energy and I feel better.
Dillon O'Sullivan
★★☆☆☆ 20 Jul 2023
Hi, I like your product and have been using it for over 2 years, and just ordered another supply. However, I am always disappointed when I see companies rewarding new customers, as you are with your current promotion on Facebook, whilst ignoring loyal customers. This is a trend many companies take,... more
Kathy Thorne
★★★★★ 20 Jul 2023
Since taking the double shot daily, I feel more energetic than I did this time last year. while I do eat a reasonable diet with fruit and veges, i feel this has been a boost.
Alison Duncan
★★★★★ 19 Jul 2023
The double shot is absolutely great for me. I’m in my mid 70s and it has given me more energy and my skin is less dry and digestive problems improved. If taken with ice cold water the daily shots are easy to take. A fantastic product.
★★★★★ 14 Jul 2023
Omg I have been taking it for 28 day and didnt take it for 2 and honestly I woke up so sore it really works so I've ordered 2 more double shots one for my partner n one for me theres no way I'm going to miss taking it my partner has problems with aches n pains so do I if it works for me it will do t... more
Sharyn Robson
★★★★★ 21 Dec 2023
As my diet isn't ideal, nutrient rescue shots give me peace of mind that I am getting the nutrients my body needs.
Luke Murray
★★★★★ 10 Jul 2023
I have been taking Nutrient Rescue for 5 year now and can't go a day without it! Love the product, love the people working there and absolutely love the values they hold as a company. I can recommend this product for everyone :)
Rupert Perry
★★★★★ 07 Jul 2023
I LOVE taking the double shot! I no longer need energy drinks to get me through my afternoon slump. Thanks so much Nutrient Rescue!
Ella Guillemot-Mene
★★★★★ 27 Jun 2023
I have been taking Nutrient Rescue for almost 4 years now- it really boosted my nutrition during University (added some balance to the Halls food) and has helped me with my immunity as someone with Type 1 Diabetes and PCOS! Super easy to take in my daily smoothie too :D
Arthur Mckellar
★★★★★ 02 Sep 2022
The workers are so amazing and they gave me my daily supplements so I could drink my vegetables instead of eating. because I have problems eating hard food since my dog passed away

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“My sweet tooth has disappeared, skin feels better, alert, no fatigue, losing belly fat, eye sight feels better, nails look healthier, super friendly staff at call centre, so grateful for a kiwi product & so happy to be supporting a kiwi business. Amene!”

Nathan A