Are the shots Keto friendly?

In terms of keto, it’s all about total carbs per day and prioritising those in the most nutrient-dense foods possible. Usually, most Keto keeps net carbs to around 40-50g per day. Many nutritionists recommend this diet, and the key is to save the “sugar” for the good stuff! We would recommend trying not to consume sweet hybridised fruit but wild or nutrient-dense berries. Most people have a horrible Keto diet eating animal products and nuts and forget a true Keto diet is actually mostly green plant-based (with lots of coconuts, olive, avocado and other plant fats), some root veggies (beet, carrot, Kumara), and berries. The keto diet should be low/moderate protein ideally as too much protein will drive gluconeogenesis (making sugar). The key is avoiding all processed food, grains and (not sprouted) legumes. That being said, a Shot a day still leaves 40-50g carbs to use on pumpkin, sweet potato or other starchy vegs. Plus, anthocyanins improve insulin sensitivity! 

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