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Our story

Nutrient Rescue was founded in 2016 when Michael and Samantha Mayell felt the energy, vitality and overall health benefits of switching to an organic plant-based diet. They discovered that 63% of Kiwis don’t eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables a day, so a lot of people weren’t experiencing the health benefits of good nutrition and missing essential vitamins, minerals and fibre in their diet which are vital for supporting the mind and body to be at its best.

They founded Nutrient Rescue as a company dedicated to helping New Zealanders increase their daily nutrient intake in a quick, easy and affordable way. Working with a qualified nutritionist and food technologist, the original red and green superfood powders were created. A few years on and they realised that people wanted the benefits of the Green Shot together with the Red Shot. And thus, the Double Shot was born – the perfect plant-based wholefood powder which in one scoop contains the equivalent of four handfuls of fruits and vegetables.

A decision was made to use only New Zealand grown plants due to the fertility of the land and quality of the soil. This aligned two key pillars for Nutrient Rescues purpose “for the people” by ensuring the quality of the plants and their nutritional value and “for the planet” by giving the farming community a viable plant-based opportunity.

Very quickly they realised that getting the right nutrients in a daily diet was not just a struggle for New Zealanders, many people around the world were facing the same problem. So, they decided to turn to helping people from all over the world, starting with our neighbours in Australia.

At Nutrient Rescue, we believe everyone should have easy access to plant nutrients they need to fuel their bodies and be their best selves - because the better you feel, the more good you can do.

Fruit and vege powdered shots

Only the best ingredients

Our carefully selected New Zealand suppliers grow their nutrient-dense whole foods in organic or spray-free environments.

Following the principles of sustainable farming, our growers ensure the crops are harvested at the peak of their vitality to preserve the optimum levels of vitamins and minerals.

There is meticulous care from field to mill when harvesting the young plants, which are then gently dried before being crushed into powder and packaged, ready for you to enjoy all their wonderful benefits.

Our organic wheat leaf, barley leaf, green pea, spearmint and broccoli sprout are grown in the low-lying Canterbury plains. Organic Manuka leaf is harvested wild in Tamahere. Our blackcurrants are grown in the fertile plains of Pleasant Point and our boysenberries are grown in the sunshine of Nelson

Our family

Our driving force

The Nutrient Rescue Board

Our leadership team have a genuine care for all people and the planet and have been the driving force behind Nutrient Rescue since its inception in 2016.

Original founders, Michael and Samantha Mayell, created Nutrient Rescue out of a real need for an affordable and accessible nutrient-rich food source to aid overall health and well-being.

Simon Challies is a strong advocate for what we do; taking Nutrient Rescue Shots every day made such a difference to Simon’s health, he bought into the company early on and has been heavily involved in the company from a desire to help other people experience the life changing results he has enjoyed.

Andrew Murray takes his Double Shot first thing in the morning and brings a wealth of experience to the Board from his work across a number of commercial and community organisations.

Our team

The Nutrient Rescue Team

We’re a young company with a passionate team of people who genuinely believe in the power of good nutrition. What really gets us out of bed every morning is hearing real stories people share with us about how their daily Shot has improved their well-being and, in some cases, has changed lives.

All our team, led by our Chief Shotster Andrew, are committed to bringing you the best possible nutrition directly sourced from our wholefood suppliers at the best farms and orchards through to our front-line team, all striving to be the best at what they do.

Ella and our dedicated production team ensure the best possible ingredients are sourced, dried and powdered direct to your door. Debbie makes sure you get all the information you need which is clear, backed by knowledge and easy to understand. Maddie takes care of all our new shotsters, while Ella makes sure that all our customers are informed with the latest news, knowledge and things that help along the Nutrient Rescue journey. Rebecca focusses on our shotsters in Australia, while our friendly Helen is always at the end of the phone to cheer you along and help with any inquiries.

“My sweet tooth has disappeared, skin feels better, alert, no fatigue, losing belly fat, eye sight feels better, nails look healthier, super friendly staff at call centre, so grateful for a kiwi product & so happy to be supporting a kiwi business. Amene!”

Nathan A