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The story so far...

The harmful western diet of heavily processed food, combined with our busy, stressful lives means that 63% of kiwis are missing out on their ‘five a day’ of fruit and vegetables. This micronutrient-poor diet has contributed to the modern epidemics of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and dementia.

We’ve answered the call by making it easy for you to get your quota of nutritious fruit and vegetables all year round.

Only the most nutritious New Zealand grown fruit and vegetables have been selected and then harvested at their absolute peak. We’ve simply removed the water and preserved as many of those precious nutrients as possible. The only way you could get more nutrient dense ingredients would be to pick them and eat them fresh from your garden (and even then you can’t do that all year round!).

Our Green and Red Shots are an easy and cost-effective way to increase your daily intake of nutrient-dense fruit and vegetables. They earned us a place as a finalist in the 2016 NZ Food Awards.

So what are you waiting for? Join the 87% of our daily shot-takers who reported feeling better within the first month.

Fruit and vege powdered shots

Only the best ingredients

100% of the ingredients in Nutrient Rescue products are 100% grown in New Zealand.

Many of the Green Shot ingredients come from Claridges, one of New Zealand’s most trusted suppliers of organic green plant powder. Its owner, Lawrence Heath, believes nature provides the essential nutrients for wellbeing, and what food producers need to do is harvest and process the sources of those nutrients in ways that capture and retain as much of that goodness as possible, without additives, preservatives or chemicals. Over the decades Claridges has allied itself with a core group of certified organic growers of wheat and barley grass in Canterbury, helping them expand the market for their products.

Our Red Shots are made of organic whole blackcurrant powder supplied by ViBERi and whole boysenberry powder from Tasman Bay Berries.

ViBERi grows its blackcurrants in South Canterbury, where a unique set of climatic conditions produce blackcurrants with world-leading levels of anthocyanins. These are the micronutrients that research has linked to, among others, reducing blood pressure and improving circulation, improved eye health, enhanced immunity and improved brain function.

Michael's vision

Michael Mayell

Nutrient Rescue’s founder, Michael Mayell, wants to help people improve their nutrition in an easy, convenient, cost-effective way. He founded iconic food brand Cookie Time in 1983 and went on to build a multi-million dollar business.

“I have been taking my shots for about 2 months now. After being sick 8 times this year with colds (yes 8 times!) I was almost at my wits end. Catching public transport to and from work and working in an office open floor plan have not helped when other people cough over you all the time. However, since I started taking my shots every day I haven’t had ONE cold!!!! It has been such a relief and everyone has noticed how much more energy I have (looking a lot brighter in the skin). My partner noticed so much and now he’s hooked too!!! I also got three other colleagues into them.”

Shelby Wilson

“In the mornings I used to drag myself out of bed and felt like I had been run over by a bus. It usually took me a strong coffee and half an hour of just sitting to wake up properly. After about two weeks of taking the shots I noticed I was getting up feeling energised and ready for the day. It has really helped to maintain energy levels throughout the day and I am more inclined to be active as I have more energy! Amazing! I feel content that I am supporting and nourishing my body for myself, my family and my future health.”

Tania Englebretsen

“This product is so amazing. I’ve had a coffee everyday in hand daily (twice sometimes) just to survive since having my first baby 17months ago. I’ve only been taking this for a week, sometimes twice a day depending on how busy the day is, and even after having less than 5hours sleep most times, I no longer NEED coffee and have energy to work nightshift without coffee, no after noon slump, the list of benefits goes on. Thank you so much 🙂 So Grateful.”