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Tips & Tricks from our Shotsters

Tips to help boost your immunity

One of our favourite features of our superfood powders is that they help to fight off nasties, and support your immunity to help make sure you’re happy and healthy. Here are some of our favourite tips and tricks you shared with us.

Tips from our Shotsters


“Cold showers, making Turkey Tail tea and Lion’s Mane mushroom supplements!”
Joseph O

“Diet, regular exercise, daily Doubler Shot and Vitamin D. Don’t seem to get unwell ever, not forgetting the company of family and friends.”
Leanne B

“Eat garlic everyday and get enough sleep.”
Hilary C

“Keep your stress levels way down. Stress lowers your immune system.”
Megan K

“Having a fresh lemon in filtered water does wonders for me every day.”
Sheridan L

“Walking everyday down onto the beach, fruit smoothies for breakfast with Double Shot mixed in, what a difference that has been making!”

“My husband and I both take Green Shots daily to boost our immune system, we also try and add in as many fruits and veggies during the day for us and our kids. To take a walk to the park when the sun is out. Early bedtimes at night for the whole family.” 


Tips to help boost your plant intake

If you’re looking for tips and tricks to pack more plant power into your diet, your fellow Shotsters have your back! We’ve collated some of your favourite tips to share with you below.

Tips from our Shotsters


“I spend a lot of time in my garden and after learning about the nutrition value of some weeds I now eat them while I’m out gardening – Puha, Dandelion and Chickweed.”
Maria W

“Veggie ‘cheese’ sauce and nice big smoothies. The Shots are awesome too!”
Shannon L

“I blend up a heap of veggies when I make a pasta sauce. Great veggie disguise for my little people. Smoothies and juices an obvious go to as well.”
Charlie B

“I Double Shot everyday, and while I love my plants, I grind veges to dust and put into mince (lasagne, nachos etc.) to help the others eat more plants in my house.”
Sarah L

“Nutrient Rescue Double Shot and avocado toast for brekkie. Fried mixed veggies or salad as a side dish in every meal. Chilled celery and carrot stick as snacks or sometimes smoothies.”
Joanne G

“I chop vegetables very finely and sneak them into pancake, cake, muffin and waffle batters where they go undetected!”
Penny R


Other ways of taking your powder

One of our favourite ways to sneak in extra fruits and veggies whilst taking our Shots is in smoothies! We recently asked our Facebook community to share their go-to smoothie recipes with us. We've chosen two we think are utterly delicious.

The first is a vanilla berry smoothie, shared by Frances Hau. This recipe is super creamy, and tastes quite like a berry milkshake – accept it’s healthy! The perfect sweet afternoon treat for the kids, you can try the recipe here.

The second recipe is packed full of green goodness and was shared by Michelle Gilbert. Full of ginger, manuka honey and a hearty scoop of Double Shot this is a must-try for those wanting to focus on good gut health. Find the recipe here.

We hope these tips and tricks from your fellow Shotsters have given you some creative ideas on how to not only boost your immunity but also sneak in some more fruits and veggies (which coupled with your daily shot, can be a game-changer). If you haven't experienced the transformational effects of our shots yet, head to the shop and dive right in!


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