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Jenna Anderson
★★★★☆ 26 Sep 2023
I've only used for 30 days. Hard to know if it works but I do feel slightly more engerised in the mornings. Hoping it will continue to build up in my system.
Val Heays
★★★★★ 23 Sep 2023
I didn't realize how much my body loved Double Shots until I went on holiday and ran out. I can't wait to get home and recommence my daily shot.
nev b
★★★★☆ 21 Sep 2023
Excellent customer service and awesome product has helped elevate my mood naturally :)
Bev Weber
★★★★★ 20 Sep 2023
My 83 year old husband and I at 75 have called this the elixir of life
Alan Knight
★★☆☆☆ 20 Sep 2023
Over priced and over hyped. I gave it a six month trial and finally had to admit to myself that my daily shot of mud flavoured, disgusting glup wasn't doing anything that would justify the horrific price of the stuff.
Tui Wagstaff
★★★★★ 19 Sep 2023
My partner and I love Double Shot. I'm certain I feel clearer and more focused. It is great to know that you're ensuring you have boosted your 5+ a day.
Jim Hardy
★★★★★ 19 Sep 2023
We love it so much and feel so good that we got some for our grandson and he too loves it.
★★★★★ 18 Sep 2023
For whatever reason Nutrient Rescue showed up on my Facebook news feed on day 7 of my very first Covid infection in middle of Aug. I'm immune compromised, have had 6 vaccine shots, my flu shot too, take reasonable precautions to remain Covid free, I eat healthy and keep myself reasonably fit. I was still extremely sick for 6 full days, bed ridden actually. I started researching the website and read the reviews. I wanted to take steps to avoid possible long Covid symptoms. Trying was better then not trying. I ordered that day. Week 1 was difficult to tell any difference as I was still quite sick from Covid. Week 2, I suddenly realised I was loosing at least 80% less hair when showering & styling, used to fall out in handfuls. Now that's a positive for me!! Week 3, I was definitely back in full work mode with no long Covid symptoms that I was concerned about. I am now in week 4. Feel like I'm back to normal daily life. I don't have the fatigue I thought I would from being so ill from Covid. Work colleagues have noticed a positive change in my skin complexion too. Today I placed my second order and plan to continue with this as a daily routine. I'm sure I will see and feel further positive affects. For just $2.32 a day it well with it. Just a note, not that nice tasting with water but you would get used to it. I tried both coconut water and pineapple juice. My preference is coconut water, no sugar and less thick to drink.
Margaret Lee
★★★★★ 16 Sep 2023
This product is amazing. Being in the over 60 age group it has given me more energy which leads to weight loss. Has helped my system get into a pattern which is great. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.

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“My sweet tooth has disappeared, skin feels better, alert, no fatigue, losing belly fat, eye sight feels better, nails look healthier, super friendly staff at call centre, so grateful for a kiwi product & so happy to be supporting a kiwi business. Amene!”

Nathan A