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Life Hack #2: Making Habits Stick

“New year, new you!”

“Today is the start of the rest of your life!”

“Turn over a new leaf!”

“It’s a fresh start!”

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.”


Oh, how easy it sounds. ‘Just add water’ and your life will change for the better. Just make a simple decision and you will be surrounded by unicorns and rainbows, blithely skipping down the yellow brick road.

We’ve all had those moments of clarity where we vow to ourselves that we’re going to make that change that will finally impact our quality of life. Join the gym. Quit booze. Start running. Cut the sugary snacks. Meditate.

Day one: nailed it.

Day two: got half-way there but then got interrupted. Will be better tomorrow.

Day three: this is stupid and impractical. I give up. (Cue self-loathing).

Sound familiar?

And why is it that we keep our bad habits and don’t quit them, but we find it so hard to embed new habits that are good for us?

Time to consult the expert. Dr Sean Young is Director of the Institute for Prediction Technology at the University of California. He applies his vast psychology background to the area of behaviour and has worked with the likes of NASA.

According to Young there are three types of behaviour; Automatic, Burning and Common.

It’s the ‘burning’ and ‘common’ behaviours that bring about the most change. ‘Burning’ behaviours are those you are aware of, but it feels like you can’t quit them. Often quite addictive in nature like obsessively checking your phone.

‘Common’ behaviours are those we are aware of, but we find hard to stick to, such as exercising regularly.

Okay, so we need to find tools to embed habits to create behaviour change. But how?

Look no further! Dr Young has come up with a funky anagram that spells SCIENCE, no less!

  • S – Step-ladders: break your goals down. This helps you stay motivated.
  • C – Community: find others who want to do the same thing, in person or online
  • I – Important: why is this important? Dig deep. Find your why!
  • E – Easy: find ways to remove barriers from following through. Block your diary or set reminders. Lay your gym clothes out the night before.
  • N – Neuro-Hacks: mindset is everything. We need to change our thinking if we want behaviour to change. Maybe there is truth to ‘fake it till you make it’ afterall?
  • C – Captivating: Treat yo’self! Give yourself little rewards for each milestone you achieve.
  • E – Engrained: This is what will happen to your new habits if you follow the above steps!

“In general, the more of them that you use, the more likely you are to stick with things.” – Dr Sean Young.

At Nutrient Rescue we are obsessed with life hacks. Working smarter rather than harder. Finding the most effective and easiest ways to get the best results.

We know that good nutrition is the key to good health, but we also know that cramming in the recommended five to TEN a day good quality fruit and veg is nigh on impossible in our hectic lives.  

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Leave your Shots in sight so you’ll take them every day.

So commit to 30 days straight to embed the habit and see visible results.

Join our tribe to tick the community box of Dr Young’s formula.

More hacks to come…. Stay tuned!

Making habits stick

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“I have been taking my shots for about 2 months now. After being sick 8 times this year with colds (yes 8 times!) I was almost at my wits end. Catching public transport to and from work and working in an office open floor plan have not helped when other people cough over you all the time. However, since I started taking my shots every day I haven’t had ONE cold!!!! It has been such a relief and everyone has noticed how much more energy I have (looking a lot brighter in the skin). My partner noticed so much and now he’s hooked too!!! I also got three other colleagues into them.”

Shelby Wilson

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