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Splash of colour for Gourmet Hub

The three tenants of Victoria Street’s Gourmet Hub are making the most of the container food centre’s colourful new ingredients, green and red wholefood plant powders from Nutrient Rescue. 

The Christchurch start-up’s food products are free of meat, dairy, gluten, added salt and alcohol, and contain only naturally occurring sugars found in wholefoods. Nutrient Rescue’s pure New Zealand plant powders are designed to make it easy to boost your daily intake of fruit and veges. 

As well as a nutrition and flavour boost for the shots and juices of Darren Fabri (centre), and the innovative cuisine of Phil Watkins (right), the powders are bringing a splash of colour to the vegan smoothies of Vanessa Clements (left). 

Vanessa sells Underground coffee and nutritious snacks as well as smoothies from her Coffee Traders container. Her customers love the vibrant colour of her smoothies, with the Nutrient Rescue green powder complementing the nuts and seasonal fruit and vegetables in her blend. 

At the Home container, Darren uses both powders in his shots and juices. He sees them as an ideal fit for a menu that focuses on being fresh, nutritious and international. 

And Fine Fare Kitchen’s Phil Watkins is experimenting with using the green powders in herb pastes and vegan burgers, and the red one in desserts. “The shots give a flavour boost — you can mix them in with so many things,” Phil says.

Gourmet Hub Media Release

“So many things I love about my shots, but the best one is the energy, no afternoon slump, I am noticeably more active and really noticed a difference the one time I forgot to take my afternoon shot!!! Haven’t had a cold this year either.”

Amanda Beauchamp

“We love the increase in energy! I have been taking both shots throughout my pregnancy and I am yet to really get sick this winter! I'm sure my body is thanking me for the extra nutrients at this time.”


“For me, it's actually the peace of mind that me and my vege-adverse 7 year old are getting some greens to help keep up healthy. I also noticed my skin had an extra glow and less fine lines too.”